Hercules 2014 cover

Hercules (2014)

I believe there is a dearth of epic mythology movies these past few years.  Producers are reluctant to take up such movies because of the dismal performance at the box office, which may have been caused [...]

PosLaju Malaysia

Poslaju Malaysia and Cupcakes

I like the Poslaju man who delivers at my mom-in-law’s area. He is very courteous and smart at using his discretion according to the circumstances. Take our case for example. My mom-in-law's mobility is currently limited [...]

Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah

Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah SPRM

Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah atau Certified Integrity Officers (CeIOs) satu program yang diwujudkan oleh kerajaan bagi menangani masaalah rasuah dan meningkatkan integriti di kalangan penjawat awam. Ia merupakan satu latihan yang dikendalikan oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia [...]

Ballon d Or

English Footballers Are Just Not Good Enough?

There are 23 men short-listed for FIFA's 2014 Ballon d'Or (Footballer of The Year). None of them are English. Does this mean that English footballers are just not good enough? Does that also explain the reason [...]

magic rude

Can I Have Your Daughter For The Rest Of My Life?

My kids love to listen to "Rude" by  Canadian reggae fusion band, Magic. I like the song too. Like other reggae song, it's really fun to sing. It has the feel-good vibe in it and help [...]

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