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The World Cup season is the best time to blog about soccer (as they call it in US). Instead of arguing with your friends at the coffee shop about who is going to win what game till dawn, maybe it is better to put good use of your soccer (football) knowledge on a blog. The whole world can read your opinion and maybe if you get lucky, someone will take notice and who knows what lies in the future. Opportunity awaits those who seek it! Continue Reading »

Ambuyat @ Grace Point, Kota Kinabalu

Rumbia tree has multiple uses : the leaves can be woven into roofs; the branch can be used to build fences, walls, as a torch, etc; the skin of the branch can be woven into basket or mat; the trunk can be consumed as a delicious vegetable or turned into sago (a type of starch); the skin of the trunk used to make mats; and many more other uses. Continue Reading »

Four Teams That Could Win The World Cup 2014

Now that we have seen all the teams play in this year’s World Cup, we probably have some clue on where the trophy might end up post July 13. As always there are a few upsets but nonetheless most of us should have got at least 75% of our predictions correct. There are goals galore in this year’s tournament which makes it more exciting. As we look back at all the matches that have been played so far, we will reveal our top four teams for FIFA World Cup 2014. Continue Reading »