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Crisis In Lahad Datu: Pray For Sabah

There are many people who think that they know everything these days. Just because they know how to ‘google’ the internet to find information that they want, they consider themselves knowledgeable and entitled to give ‘expert’ opinions and ridicule other people. Gosh! I loathe arrogant and short-thinking people. Put them in-charge at Lahad Datu, they would probably quit on the first day not knowing where to start and what to do. I suspect they would even crawl for cover the second they see the intruders, and not dare emerge from behind the rock/tree without the authorities standing in front of them. [click to continue…]

Daniel Guiza Harus Di Contohi Pemain Tempatan

Saya sempat menyaksikan perlawanan antara Johor Darul Takzim dengan Negeri Sembilan di kaca TV pada malam Sabtu yang lalu. Kebetulan ia berlangsung sebelum Manchester United membaham Norwich City di Old Trafford dan membuka jarak 15 mata di tangga teratas Liga Perdana Inggeris. Kemenangan Johor Darul Takzim ke atas Negeri Sembilan itu pula membawa negeri kelahiran saya itu ke tangga teratas Liga M mengambil alih posisi yang sebelum ini dipegang oleh ATM. Tahniah buat pasukan Johor dan semoga terus kekal di persada liga. [click to continue…]

Ryan Giggs: Take A Bow 1000x

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I was still in school when Ryan Giggs made his debut for Manchester United 23 years ago. Now at the age of 39, the Welsh wizard is still on top of his game and considered by Sir Alex as an important team member of the current United squad. Yesterday, Ryan Giggs signed a one year contract extension with Manchester United. That means Giggs, who could play the 1,000th game of his career against Norwich today, will be playing for United when he turns 40 in November. What an outstanding achievement! [click to continue…]

Al-Fatihah Buat Wira-Wira Negara

Pilu bila saya membaca berita kematian anggota keselamatan kita di Lahad Datu. Tak boleh saya bayangkan perasaan isteri dan anak-anak mereka yang masih kecil bila mendapat perkhabaran sedih ini. Al-Fatihah buat wira-wira kita di sana dan takziah buat keluarga mereka. Mungkin Sultan Sulu boleh berpuas hati sekarang dan menikmati habuan dari sifat tamak halobanya. [click to continue…]

Magic Trick: Conjuring Money Out of Thin Air


Written by chedet

  1. I don’t know whether our schools today acquaint the children with Humpty-Dumpty but I am sure older Malaysians are familiar with the character, and know the following ditty: “Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall
  2. For those who are not acquainted with this ditty I would like to explain that Humpty-Dumpty is an egg, a great big imaginary egg and it sat on a wall.
  3. Then this great egg had a fall. [click to continue…]