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Championship Manager 15 (Champ Man 15)

While many of my friends are addicted (yes, really) to Clash of Clans and my kids are hooked to Minecraft, I find myself enjoying Championship Manager 15 on my iPhone. Yes, I admit, it is not a popular game. The last time I checked on [...]

Malaysian Hockey Team Needs New Ideas To Take On The World’s Best

In my previous posting, I did mention that the World Hockey League Second Round should be a walk in the park for our national hockey team. None of the teams participating in the tournament is up to our standard which is "world class", mind you. [...]

How To Create A Good Blog

Recently I participated in a blogging contest (Malaysia Best Blog) in which I was required to list out 10 blogs that I think are among the best in Malaysia and give reasons for my selection. Listing out was tough and my reasons seem to vary [...]

Terselit Dalam Carta Ashadee

Jika ada kerjaya yang paling tidak sesuai bagi saya, saya rasa pastilah "salesman" atau jurujual. Mengapa? Kerana saya memang tidak pandai dalam soal memujuk pelanggan memberi sebarang produk atau servis. Malah, bukan sahaja dalam kehidupan biasa, dalam internet pun susah untuk saya recommend apa-apa produk. [...]