Sistem Perakaunan Perniagaan

Review: Sistem Perakaunan Perniagaan

Menguruskan perniagaan sendiri bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah, tidak kira sama ada perniagaan kecil-kecilan di rumah mahupun perniagaan yang lebih rumit, misalnya perniagaan runcit.  Dalam menguruskan perniagaan, perkara yang paling utama adalah pengurusan kewangan.  Antara perkara utama [...]

Financial inequality

0.7% Of The World’s Population Control 41% Of Its Wealth

It is common belief that most of the wealth in this world is controlled by a handful few - well, to be exact, 41% of global wealth is held by 0.7% of the world population, according [...]

World Prematurity Day 2014

World Prematurity Day 2014

I got a nephew who was born premature this year. I can still remember how concerned we all were about his condition (and his mom, of course) when my sister-in-law were in for the c-section. Even in [...]

Paddy McNair

Paddy McNair

I like this boy a lot. For a 19 year-old with little Premier League experience, he has shown plenty of maturity in his game and outshines Manchester United's other defenders. It must be noted that McNair [...]

play minecraft

How To Play Minecraft?

There are numerous ways on how to play Minecraft depending on your definition on “How to play Minecraft” since many just play Minecraft without the official game instructions. Those who knows the basic controls of Minecraft [...]