Samsung Galaxy s5



I’m sure there’ll be lots of activities being held around towns everywhere, but I will be spending time with the family at home conserving fuel and electricity to the best of our ability. We’ve already managed to cut 50% of our electricity bills compared to 2 years ago and we are still working on it in other ways.  It’s a sweaty business not using the air-cond, believe me! :D  But it can be done. [click to continue…]

Perlukah Majikan Memberikan Slip Gaji Kepada Pekerja?


Amalan pemberian slip gaji adalah sesuatu yang sering diketepikan oleh majikan terutamanya dalam industri kecil dan sederhana. Slip gaji merekodkan dengan terperinci apa yang dibayar oleh majikan dan ini termasuklah gaji asas, faedah sampingan (jika ada), bonus, elaun dan pemotongan bagi pembayaran KWSP dan Socso. Pendekata, apa-apa jumlah yang diterima oleh pekerja bagi satu tempoh kerja itu dijelaskan menerusi slip gaji. Sebarang kekeliruan boleh dikemukakan pada pihak majikan dengan merujuk pada slip gaji yang telah diberi. Oleh itu, amalan memberikan slip gaji adalah amalan yang baik dan kegagalan berbuat demikian boleh menimbulkan prasangka yang kurang baik pada pekerja akan soal pembayaran gaji mereka. [click to continue…]

Choosing a Shampoo


There’s concern nowadays about the products that we apply onto our skin.  This is because the ingredients in skincare products do actually penetrate the skin and then enter the blood stream. Some ingredients are totally safe while some can adversely affect our health, maybe not immediately but slowly over the years and after hundreds of applications.

I was looking at shampoos when I realized that it’s not easy to be a discerning buyer of safe products, especially when I am always in a hurry.  It takes time to learn about the ingredients of the products that are used daily.   Personally, when in doubt, I usually consult the EWG Skindeep website.  The EWG Skindeep categorizes its ratings as follows: 0 – 2 (low hazard); 3 – 6 (moderate hazard); 7 – 10 (high hazard). [click to continue…]

MH370: A Sad Day

MH370 announcement


Our deepest sympathies, prayers and thoughts to all the loved ones of the passengers and crew of the tragic MH370.  May they all find peace to bring comfort and courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to cherish forever in their hearts. Our deepest sympathies, prayers and thoughts to all the loved ones of the passengers and crew of the tragic MH370. [click to continue…]

MSS Kota Kinabalu Hockey Tournament


My passion for hockey alone would not have brought me to the Likas Sports Hockey Turf last week but my girl’s involvement did.  I’m glad I did, because it gave me the chance to see how the kids play and figure out how to help my daughter improve her skills. Plus, it was interesting to compare the standard of junior hockey today with the time when I was a schoolboy. I will reserve my personal observations on that matter but I must confess that I’m encouraged with what I saw. [click to continue…]