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Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST

Jom Aktifkan Mykad is the second SEO Contest that I’m participating in within 1 week. Perhaps, I'm running out of topic to write plus there are several draft articles that I find hard to complete as it requires me to do more research and read [...]

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Selecting Malaysia Best Blog 2015 is one of the first tasks that I must do this year. Out of millions of blogs in this country, there should be one that stands out from the rest. One that deserves the title "The Best In Malaysia" and [...]

How To Shop On Lazada Malaysia?

When it comes to electrical goods, books, tech-gadgets and even certain types of clothing, I have greatly reduced the frequency of buying at shops or shopping mall for quite some time now. Apart from avoiding the traffic jams and facing the difficulty of getting parking [...]

GST Malaysia: Implikasi Pada Pengguna Dan SME

Dr Veerinderjeet Singh, pengerusi firma konsultasi cukai, Taxand Malaysia, pada minggu lalu telah memberikan pandangan menarik dan bernas yang perlu di teliti oleh pihak Kastam Di Raja dan kerajaan. Biarpun IG Kastam, Datuk Seri Khazali Ahmad menafikan timbul  masaalah sebagaimana yang diutarakan oleh Dr Veerinderjeet, [...]