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Malaysian THESIS Blogs

While participating in Malaysia Best Blog 2015 contest, I also took some time spying on other contestants. He he.. Most of them writes very well and are good at SEO. No wonder, I'm trailing way behind them and it looks like I have a mountain [...]

A Score On GTMetrix Speed Test

Finally, I did it. After several days of tweaking my blog, I have finally managed to score "A" on GTMetrix Speed Test. I got 90% score on page speed grade and 93% on YSlow grade with page load time of 4.73s (without using CDN). On [...]

Looks Like The Pennies Have Finally Dropped On JDT

I thought JDT was absolutely magnificent in their Charity Shield Cup win over Pahang last Saturday. The Southern Tigers were on the cruise control right from the kick-off and were never troubled by the Elephants despite some nervous moments in the last few minutes of [...]

Panduan Perniagaan Cupcake Buat Usahawan Alaf Baru

Perniagaan cupcake adalah suatu perniagaan yang amat menarik dan menguntungkan jika kena pada caranya. Lihat sahaja cupcake yang ada di pasaran sekarang, apa yang anda boleh imaginasikan mengenai mereka? Macam-macam kan? Ada yang berbentuk mini, berperisa coklat atau strawberry, mempunyai hiasan kartun dan apa-apa sahaja [...]