Photography – Capturing Great Memories with Technology


This generation is full of technological gadgets that allow the capture of memorable moments anytime and anywhere. With the many different choices of photography tools, it is almost impossible not to record great moments with family and friends, with or without occasion.

For the casual and usual activity, memories can be captured with a simple camera or cell phone .

roq at KLCC

However, for big events, it is best to rely on the experts who understand the intricacies of photography to get the best effect that can emphasize each important shot.


Photography is already a part of people’s lives.

With social media around, the encouragement to update contacts with the activities of one’s life becomes a normal thing. However, you can easily differentiate the quality of pictures, if one has experienced getting the service of photography experts for events and special activities.

Photography is also a popular interest not only by the younger generations, but even those that are already in their 30s to 50s.

Although there are many ways to study about this field, it will help to try the service of experts, observe and learn from how they take the shots.

This is a priceless exposure in this interest that can be useful later on.

Further analysis of the photos can easily make you evolve from the novice to the mature photographer.


Understanding photography means having the artistic inclination to care about minute details like lighting, position, background, image focus and other aspects of the field. The angles and perspectives are also important to what the photo should communicate.

These are the things that can differentiate one photo to another. If you want to make your photos speak strongly through the background, colors, and focus, it will help to be meticulous in taking pictures.

This can also differentiate you from the normal bystander who will just take pictures in any way he wants.

– Photography – Capturing Great Memories with Technology

20 thoughts on “Photography – Capturing Great Memories with Technology

  1. suka gambar yg kat landasan keretapi tu..majalah 3 ke nanti kan ada tunjuk jurugambar amik gambar serangga tu ..mesti nak tgk le segmen tu

  2. cantik! jom pegi taman burung!!!
    siyes sy naaaaakkkkk sgt!
    apsal la Alor Setar ni xde taman burung? haaaiiissshhhhh~

    btw, simple camera.. err tak la simple but small, compact sized camera yg byk yg quality setanding dgn DSLR
    fujifilm finepix x100, canon g ape ntah
    leica pun ye jgak klo xsilap

    tp… harga mcm mau pengsan la tgk ehe~

    sy nak satu tp hrmm…. tunggu keje dulu la
    ada compact camera yg mengancam mcm tu xde la nak kena usung DSLR sepanjang masa sgt
    at least DSLR leh usung time mmg nak amik gambar yg mmg dah di plan betul2 😉

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