The Case for Spirit Photography


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Some of us may not believe in the existence of ‘the afterlife’ but would those who believe in the afterlife accept these pictures as evidence of it?

Whether you do believe in ghosts or not, these photos are admittedly, eerie.


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Seem to contain images of spirits or ghosts, these photos have caused controversy since the start of spirit photography in the 1860s and has sprouted a spiritual photography group, known as Crewe Circle Spiritualist.

Its well known spirit photographer and founder, William Hope, was hugely supported by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holmes) who even published a book ‘The Case for Spirit Photography’ in response to writings and investigations by naysayers.

It is believed that tricks were involved in the creation of the photographs and a number of the photographs were confirmed as fraudulent double-exposures.

Nonetheless, there is a Crewe Spiritualist Centre in existence in United Kingdom that has mediums to conduct Divine Service almost every Sunday.

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– The Case for Spirit Photography

26 thoughts on “The Case for Spirit Photography

  1. spirit photography ni sllu ada klu kita snap kt hutan rasanya.
    Sbb tempat2 jin bertandang. hehe. orang tua2 lah ckp.
    Tpi dekat kaw bandar or rumah biasa pun mungkin boleh ada.
    Apa2 pun mintak2 dijauhkan dari spirit2 mcm ni. Sgt seram

  2. oh…. rasanya kalau dulu-dulu ni memang sukar nak dinafikan keaslian pixel gambar tersebut.

    Zaman sekarang ni je susah nak cek, sebab pakar photoshop dah ramai. :)

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