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Of all the pages in this blog, this will be the most difficult for me to write. Who am I? I’m bit confused myself sometime. When I was kid, I grew up dreaming to be a sportsman. Well, I never achieved that partly because I’m fairly good at so many sports that I can’t decide which one I should specialize in. Even when I was in track and field team, my coach put me in heptathlon event due to my versatility. But, it’s has no bearing now as I have left school to pursue my study at Law Faculty University of Malaya, the most prestigious law school in the country. Got my degree but never practiced and ended up at Human Resources department in several companies. I also tried my luck in business. Advertising business! (How strange – don’t you think?). In the end, I ended up at a law firmworking with my wife in her law practice. Since I was not called to the bar, I don’t go to the court. :D

I am currently active in blogging and am trying my hands at photography. At the moment I’m still a very amature photographer but with some hard work, who knows I might achieve great things with this hobby of mine. I’m still using an entry level DSLR camera with standard lense for my work. I hope I can upgrade my gears as time goes by. But in the meantime, it’s all about getting the right training and knowledge for my photography skills. Doesn’t matter what camera that you use, you won’t get the best result with less knowledge on photography. Those who come here, I wish to express my gratitude and thank you very much for your support. I hope you will enjoy my work and come back again for more.

Thank You.

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May 23rd, 2011 at 3:24 am

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