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Taman Awam Teluk Likas

Taman Awam Teluk Likas 01

Taman Awam Teluk Likas 02

Taman Awam Teluk Likas 03

Taman Awam Teluk Likas 04




I have already published these photos somewhere else but I guess no harm done by publishing it here too. After all, Taman Awam Teluk Likas is a very beautiful place to visit and I am eager to share the beautiful scenery with all of you in better, wider and clearer pictures.  Taman Awam Teluk Likas is located near the roadside of Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, about less than 10km away from Kota Kinabalu City. Used to be an abandoned and scary place to go, but the state government and DBKK have taken the effort to beautify the place and make it look great once again. A great place to have picnic with your family and once a year you can watch the Dragon Boat Race being held here. If you have been here before, I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Photos captured by Sony α230 DSLR Camera

- Photo Updates @ DLSL Photography

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