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As an avid collector of LEGOs, the kids and I are looking forward to visit Legoland Malaysia come this December, Insyallah. The theme park is scheduled to officially open on the 15th September 2012 but since 1st September Legoland has opened its gates to the media and guests had a preview of the theme park. As a resident of Sabah, I must confess that I am filled with envy at those who had managed to take a peek at the exciting features installed in one of the (only) 6 legolands in the world. How I would love to be in my own ‘kampung‘, Johor, now and check out the latest attraction there. For the moment, I will  just enjoy my own collection of LEGOs in my very own LEGOLAND.





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  • :D Saya yang dekat ni pun belum berkesempatan nak ke LEGOLAND.

    Kalau tak mampu masuk dalam pun takpe la.. singgah ambil gambar kat luar pun jadilah! :D

  • Bulan Disember nanti sah-sah Legoland tu full je sepanjang bulan. Hehe.

  • wow..comel jugak ye..

    plan nak ke legoland jugak nanti

  • Waaaah….
    Koleksi bro sendiri ke?
    Kecik-kecik dulu minat gak Lego ni tapi agak mahal, susah nak kumpul. Saya kumpul duit syiling je lar….


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