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British Airways, Where Is Our Bag?

by Ismail N   ·  8 years ago   ·  

There is no bitter way to lose a medal in sports than through disqualification and Nur Ayuni Farhana Abdul Halim must be devastated to know that her 2014 Commonwealth Games‘ journey has ended even before the game starts.  Nur Ayuni, who won the gold medal with Nur Suryani Taibi in the 10 metre air rifle pairs in New Delhi four years ago, was due to compete in the 10 metre air rifle and 50m rifle prone events. Then disaster struck when her competition jacket was lost en route to Scotland. I tweeted YB Khairy last night for details and here is his response:

khairy jamaluddin

Netizens then went uproar when the news broke last night. How on earth could this have happened? Doesn’t she have any spare jackets? Couldn’t she wear any other jacket? And most important of all: British Airways, can you please tell us where her bag is?


According to team manager, Musa Omar “We made a report when her bag did not arrive with the other luggage. We waited for THREE days… (Tuesday) is the last day for us to confirm the names.” So he was left with no choice but to withdraw Ayuni from competition. “The rules clearly state that a rifle shooter must wear a jacket. We tried to borrow one but it did not fit her. We tried to make a new one but she said that she would need two months to get used to it.”

Ayuni had been unable to stop crying and wanted to fly home immediately upon being told she would not be able to compete. However, she has to stay until the competition end since the licence for all her firearms is under her name. Therefore, she cannot go home immediately.

Such a sad and unfortunate event in the wake of MH17 tragedy. It’s been a very tough year for Malaysia and Nur Ayuni is the second Malaysian medal prospect that has to withdraw after Datuk Lee Chong Wei, who is unable to compete due to injury. Still, we hope our athletes will not be downhearted and try to do their best in this year Commonwealth Games. Malaysia Boleh!


GLASGOW: The smile is back on the face of 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Nur Ayuni Farahana Abdul Halim. Ayuni has been cleared to compete in the Glasgow Games after her lost luggage was found and delivered to Dundee on Wednesday.

Ayuni bag

appeal ayuni

British Airways, Where Is Our Beg?



  1. Nasib dah jumpa. Boleh pulak sangkut dekat Kuala Lumpur eh. Hehe. Harap dapat la menang pingat sekurang2 nya gangsa.

  2. satu demi satu kena.

    sabar ajelah dibuatnya.

  3. ema

    khabarnya nak buat rayuan kan…harap wakil Malaysia kita dapat bertanding.

    1. Ya, sudah jumpa beg tu dan rayuan di terima. Allhamdullillah…

  4. macam tu sekali mereka punya peraturan
    sepatutnya boleh dapat ganti dalam kes macam ni

    1. Boleh buat jaket lain dalam masa 3 hari tetapi ia boleh ganggu Ayuni kerana jaket ini dibuat khusus bagi sukan ini dan pemakai perlu suaikan diri. Dalam sukan menembak, sedikit gangguan cukup menjejaskan peserta.

  5. mai has

    sebab yang x munasabah.mereka ni takut dgn competition dari malaysia ker?

    1. 😀 Kita tunggu sebabnya nanti. Mungkin ada silap dari pihak kita juga, kita tak tahu. Biar pihak2 yang bertanggungjawab menyelesaikan masaalah ini.

  6. I did read your tweet to KJ yesterday…still wondering how could her bag go missing. Can’t imagine how she feels right now. Poor thing.

    1. It’s quite astonishing, isn’t it? But many strange things happened lately, so I guess we can only feel sorry for her and hopefully she won’t be too downhearted. She’s still young and has a great future.

  7. Alamak… tiada solution ke, penganjur tak consider ke benda-benda hilang ni.
    bro tweet KJ tu yang dasyat tu…heee

    1. Peraturan pertandingan dan jaket utk memang khas untuk keselamatan dan keselesaan penembak – custom made utk setiap penembak. Memang payah penganjur hendak consider sbb ia akan affect penembak2 lain juga yang juga tak bersalah dalam hal ini.


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