Nicol David: End Of An Era?

I was thinking that probably age has finally caught up with our beloved Nicol David. Then, I realized that her conqueror, Laura Massaro is 29, the same age as Nicol David. Obviously, the Englishwoman has somehow found a way to beat the World No. 1. She simply showed that her win over Nicol at CIMB Kuala Lumpur Open earlier this year is no fluke. She repeated the feat with 4-11, 11-3, 12-10, 11-7 win in the British Open final to mark her biggest success to date.

Nicol David

After seven years of dominating the sport, Nicol David could finally have met her match in World No 2 Laura, as the sport’s top-ranked player incredibly remains without a WSA Tour title this year. This year alone, Laura Massaro has beaten Nicol in three of their four meetings with the last two being most crucial. No player has had a run of success against the seven-time world champion like Laura. So, is this an end of an era?Nicol David: End Of An Era

If we look back at the last two or three years, Nicol David’s domination on women squash has been really under a threat. It is not only Laura Massaro that has found success over Nicol David, a few other players such as Raneem El Weleily have also managed to beat Nicol David convincingly. Maybe the pressure of being the sole title challenger for her country is taking its toll or perhaps the others have studied her thoroughly and found weakness in her game. The pint size Nicol is also known for relying on her speed and stamina to outmanoeuvre her opponent. She could be starting to lose her speed and stamina as she grows older.

Well it’s up to Nicole David and her coach to answer all this. I hope they can find a solution and keep her competitive for several more years. I really hope Nicole David can achieve her dream of competing in the Olympic someday. It would be great if she can still play at the top of her game and win a medal for Malaysia. After her years of great success, she really deserves that.

Nicol David: End Of An Era?

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    aku harap, dia leh main untuk olimpik nanti..

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    tak per sekali sekala kasi can org lain pulak… tapi beliau memang terbaik…