Partner Again!

I wonder if those people at BAM read my blog (so perasan…:D)? Apparently they have backtracked their earlier decision to split up Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong. Instead, they have decided to give our top double combination another ONE YEAR to show the association why they should not be split apart. One of the requirements set to them is that they must at least qualify to the final of World Championship next year. Failure to reach the final means “jatuh talak” or they won’t be partners anymore.

Koo Kien Kiet Tan Boon Heong

I wonder what will happen if all the top doubles in the world somehow miss the World Championship through injuries, retirement, etc., and Koo-Tan makes it to the final and then lose to an unheralded team. Still ok ka? Will they still split Koo and Tan? 

I really don’t know whether I should be happy or not with the decision. I read somewhere in the newspaper that Nsc doesn’t like what BAM is doing. Although in my previous post, I did say that Koo and Tan should be maintained as a partner, I was hoping that decision comes from the coaches or better, the head couch. Well, come on lah BAM, better appoint a head coach fast! The idea of having a committee to decide on this matter is really not professional. How many time have these people and Datuk Nazmi sat down and watched them in training or follow them to the tournament? Everytime the committe makes a decision, for sure “kena hentam punya!“. Get to the bottom of the problem first and then decide who should play (or play with) for Malaysia.

Partner Again!

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