Pep Guardiola Quits Barcelona

News just out today – PEP GUARDIOLA will quit Barcelona at the end of the season after deciding not to renew his rolling one-year contract. According to Pep, he’s feeling tired after four years at Barcelona. Guardiola said: “I have given everything and I have nothing left and need to recharge my batteries.The demands have been great and I have not been able to rest much“. It is widely expected that Guardiola will take a break from the game although media report suggested that he would love to work in England in the future.

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News of his departures will certainly alert the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. He has been linked with the vacant manager’s job at Chelsea as well as a number of other Premier League clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United in the past. Where do you think he will go?

- Pep Guardiola Quits Barcelona

 Pep Guardiola Quits Barcelona

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 Pep Guardiola Quits Barcelona

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