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The Ronaldo-Messi Debate Yet Again

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I read the article by Paul Hayward HERE with much interest. The article is actually concentrating more on Ronaldo’s exploit at Real Madrid rather than the topic that I wish to highlight in my blog today. Still, the writer put up a very interesting question that I would like readers of my blog to comment:

Ronaldo v Messi

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If you placed Messi in this Real Madrid starting XI, would he be quite as good? And if Ronaldo was transferred to Barcelona, would he inflict even more havoc with his bustling counter-attacking style, impeccable professionalism and sadistic finishing?

One of the commenters at the Telegraph responded with following comment:

As the article says – it would be fascinating to see how Ronaldo would have fared in the Barca team of 2009 – 2012 and how Messi would have fared in the Madrid team of the last four years. I suspect that the Ballon D’or would have been Ronnie’s and not Lionel’s. Both great players of course but ive often thought how much Messi has benefitted from the players around him. They both chose their clubs, though so can have no complaints

Interesting, right?  It is never easy to separate the two players who, without a shadow of a doubt, are in a class of their own.  Two brilliant footballers with outrageous football skills and it will always be difficult to decide who is better.

At the moment Lionel Messi received more awards and accolades than his rival. But there’s no way you can rule out Cristiano Ronaldo when the Real Madrid’s man scored at an average of 68 minutes per goal since joining Real Madrid five years ago. Phenomenal!

I love to read your thoughts on this. Come on. Let me know who you think is the best football player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

- The Ronaldo-Messi Debate Yet Again

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  • Kedua pemain bola ini pantas untuk dibandingkan karena semuanya punya kemampuan yang sangat bagus namun secara personal saya lebih suka dengan Messi

  • To be frank I like both of them but because I have watching EPL since high school, I have more affection towards Cristiano Ronaldo. I feel a bit disappoint when Ronaldo decided to join Real Madrid.

    • Ronaldo switching to Real Madrid was a big loss to Premier League.

  • aku lebih seronok lihat gerakan ronaldo
    kadang2 tanpa bantuan rakan

    mungkin juga kerana aku penyokong MU

  • It’s Ronaldo. Cuma orang akan pilih Messi sebab dia low profile. Ronaldo suka diving. Kalau messi tendang boleh dekat Real fan pun orang tak kisah. Even Blatter favor kat Messi. Patutla, dia mng Ballon d’or tiap tiap tahun.