#ThankYouSirAlex: Here’s Nokia Lumia 920 For You

Nokia Lumia 920 SirAlex

The day that Manchester United fans dreaded the most has finally come. Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest football manager of all-time has finally announced his retirement from football after 27 glorious years. Many fans probably haven’t forgotten the fact that on the day Sir Alex took over as the boss at Old Trafford, the Red Devils were lying at the bottom of the old First Division.

The club had only 7 league titles to show with the last won on 1967 – compared to the 16 owned by its great rival, Liverpool, at that time.

Knocking Liverpool Off Their Perch

Fast forward 27 years later, Sir Alex has successfully completed his mission to knock Liverpool right off their f***ing perch with 20 league titles to date compared to 18 by Liverpool.  As a former player, Gary Neville, rightly pointed out – Sir Alex should be hailed for turning the club he loves from a ‘laughing stock’ into European champions.

You did a marvellous job Sir Alex; #ThankYouSirAlex.

Fans all over the world have come out with many ways to express their gratitude and thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson. Twitter and Facebook were all trending keywords “SirAlex’ with hash tag ThankYou (#ThankYouSirAlex). Many former players, friends and rivals took turn paying tribute to the legendary Scotsman.

Not a small number also took the opportunity to take advantage of the situation with promotional gimmick like the one created by telecommunication giant, Nokia.

Thank you for the great years Sir Alex, how about trying out new Nokia Lumia 920, for free? 😉

In a post on Nokia’s UK Conversations blog, Nokia’s Paul Coombes offered the retiring manager the “parting gift” (or trying to tempt Sir Alex Ferguson maybe?) of an engraved Lumia 920. See picture above.

Carved into the Lumia’s polycarbonate chassis are these words:

Sir Alex Chapman Ferguson

Manchester United Manager

1986 — 2013

Good Luck, Sir Alex

The blog post has the following to say:

When Sir Alex took the helm at Manchester Utd in 1986 Nokia still made rubber tyres and the classic Cityman 1320 had not yet been released, back in those days the thought of downloading the ESPN or Sky Sports News app to check the latest scores on your mobile phone would have seemed pretty crazy! But Sir Alex has survived the changing times, clocking up 38 trophies while he was at it, making him undoubtedly one of the greatest football managers of all time.

So what kind of parting gift can we give the man with 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and two Champions League titles? How about the world’s most innovative smartphone, in red, of course! But that’s not enough, not really, so we made this Lumia 920 a bit specialPaul Coombes, Nokia

I don’t know whether Sir Alex will start using Nokia Lumia 920 after this 😀 If he does, don’t be surprised if many Manchester United fans will follow suit.

Nokia for all Red Devils fans?

Ho ho..Not sure if I will switch from Sony to Nokia but you can bet this gimmick has successfully turned many Red Devils into checking out Nokia even if Sir Alex decided to say NO to Nokia.

Nice try guys!

So Sir Alex, how about it, want to #Switch to a custom Lumia 920?” says Paul in its blog post. 😀

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– #ThankYouSirAlex: Here’s Nokia Lumia 920 For You

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