Pakej Hosting Small Biz Dari NetKL Network


Untuk mereka yang mahu membina laman web bagi tujuan perniagaan, maka pemilihan syarikat hosting dan pakej hosting yang sesuai perlu dititikberatkan. Jika anda mahu menggunakan syarikat web hosting Malaysia, maka pilihlah dari kalangan: Recommended Malaysia Web Hosting. Mereka punyai reputasi yang baik dan ‘support team’ yang boleh membantu anda  sepanjang mengelolakan laman web anda itu. Antara yang anda boleh cuba adalah NetKL Network. [click to continue…]

Shinjiru Web Hosting G3 Mail Blast


Shinjiru’s G3 MailBlast solution is an email service that lets you send bulk emails where normal email clients typically fail to do. While sending an email to 5 or 10 people would be easy task for normal email clients, sending one email that is personalized to 1,000 or even 1,000,000 people would cause huge stress on your system and can possibly have your emails end up in the spam folder because of the uncontrolled sending method that normal email clients would have. G3 MailBlast controls the method on how bulk emails are sent according to each ISP, with a maximum sending speed of 1,000,000 mails per hour*. This solution also comes with tracking tools to see who, when, what and how your readers interact with your email. [click to continue…]

Exabytes Web Hosting: Pakej Xtudent


Exabytes Web Hosting bukan sahaja menawarkan pelan-pelan web hosting yang berkualiti dan untuk perniagaan sahaja, ia juga turut menawarkan pelan-pelan hosting bagi tujuan peribadi dan untuk pelajar (student) memulakan blog/laman web. Antara pelan yang menarik yang sesuai untuk kegunaan blog peribadi dan dalam kemampuan pelajar adalah pakej Xtudent yang antara lain menawarkan disk space sebanyak 1 Gigabytes dan bandwidth sehingga 5 Gigabytes sebulan. Di bawah hosting ini juga anda boleh membina sehingga 5 buah blog/website berlainan nama domain kerana ia  membenarkan anda sebanyak 5 MySQL Databases dan Parked Domains. Menarik bukan? [click to continue…]

Guns N’ Roses To Release 3D Concert Film


Guns N’ Roses will release a concert film titled Appetite For Democracy in early April, just prior to kicking off their second Las Vegas residency.

The concert film was shot during the band’s first Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in November 2012. The show celebrated twenty-five years of Appetite For Destruction and four years of Chinese Democracy, with elaborate Vegas-style production and plenty of great guitar work from DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot and Richard Fortus performing hits including “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Mr. Brownstone”, “November Rain” and “Paradise City.” [click to continue…]

Apple CarPlay in Action


Apple’s initial partners — Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari — have all released demonstration videos of the system in action, and the footage is revealing.

By far the slickest and most Apple-esque of the demo videos is Volvo’s, in a brief spot laden with visual effects and accompanied by the kind of inspirational music usually heard in an iPhone commercial. There’s not much operational information in this video, but the sheer beauty of the system, as enhanced by Volvo’s video wizardry, will probably be enough to stir wide interest in CarPlay on a mainstream level. [click to continue…]