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Registered for the MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020
I have registered for the MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020. The online conference is only 1 week away. I have marked it on my physical Planner, and also set a reminder on my handphone. The sessions will be most illuminating, I am sure. To be frank, in ordinary times, I... Read more
Konferens Maya ‘MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020 COVID-19: Coping With New Realm Of Realities’
Antara kesan dan perubahan ketara yang saya alami semenjak MCO yang bermula pada 18 Mac 2020, adalah peluang untuk menambah pengetahuan dan peluang pembelajaran menjadi hampir tidak terbatas.  Pintu ilmu terbuka luas dengan bertambahnya kursus yang dibuat atas talian (online courses). Sebenarnya, kursus percuma pun banyak – dalam negeri dan... Read more
Employment Act 1955 (Act 265) – Malaysian Labour Laws
The MAIN legislation governing employment in Malaysia is The Employment Act 1955 [Act 265] (hereinafter referred to as EA).  The EA came into force on 1st of June 1957. It has gone through several amendments since, most notably in 2012, when extensive modifications were made to EA to make it... Read more
Employment Act 1955 To Cover Foreign Maids?
Here’s the report: KUALA LUMPUR (March 9, 2013): The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) today called on the government to extend the coverage of the Employment Act 1955 to the 200,000 foreign maids in the country. Its president, Mohd Khalid Atan, said foreign maids are not covered by the Act... Read more
Would You Pay For Pre-Employment Screening Company’s Services?
First of all, I must admit that life is full of opportunities if you can only seize it. You don’t have to blame the government or be involved in any illegal jobs to have a decent life. All you need is to be creative. Like those guys in “Pre-Employment Screening”... Read more