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5 iPhone Games That Will Keep The Whole Family Happy
Technology has changed a lot since Abraham Graham Bell invented the first telephone. People no longer use the phone for communication purposes but others as well. Nonetheless, many of us use our phone mainly for entertainment such as listening to music, watching videos and, of course, playing games. Read more
Hunger Games – Catching Fire
In last year’s ‘Hunger Games‘, Katniss escaped death, and shared her triumph with Peeta, who was totally devoted to her.  Initially, I was reluctant to watch The Hunger Games, and didn’t rush to the theatres for it, because I thought it was another ‘Twilight’.  Read more
Saya, Netflix dan Amazon Prime Video
Saya meminati movie dan siri tv. Kalau bukan di pawagam, saya menonton melalui saluran streaming providers berbayar seperti iFlix, Netflix dan Amazon PrimeVideo. Buat masa ini, langganan percuma iFlix telah tamat dan belum diperbaharui lagi. Saya tunggu promosi kaw-kaw, baru melanggan semula. Sementara ini saya cuma melanggan saluran Netflix dan... Read more
Online Shopping With SGshop Malaysia
Have you heard of Taobao or SGshop? I am sure most Malaysians have heard of Taobao. How many times have you yearned to purchase through Taobao but couldn’t proceed?  For me, because of the language barrier, I could only admire the photos and incredibly low prices. Google Translate? Not much... Read more
Watch Movies Online and Offline on iflix
One of the ways to unwind for most employees, besides populating restaurants or heading to the gym, is watching movies (which is so easy nowadays as we can purchase tickets online even while in the office).  Apart from watching movies at the local cinemas and at home, we can also watch movies online... Read more