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Christmas Eve Holiday in Sabah
We have to thank the State Government for declaring Christmas Eve as a holiday in Sabah because, among other things, it has forced many to visit the Sabah government website everyday. We were among those eagerly anticipating the publication of the gazette since the Chief Minister declared it on 11th... Read more
Cuti Umum Tambahan Sempena Hari Krismas di Sabah
  Pada 11 Disember yang lepas, Y.A.B. Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal telah mengisytiharkan 24 Disember sebagai cuti umum tambahan atau hari kelepasan am tambahan di Sabah sempena Hari Krismas (Natal). Cuti umum tersebut adalah bagi menghidupkan semula amalan cuti 2 hari sempena sambutan hari Krismas yang... Read more
10 Things To Do When You Travel To Sabah
I came to Sabah about 17 years ago. I was very young and adventurous then. A lot of things had changed since. But, one thing remains the same: Sabah is a beautiful place and has a lot of beautiful and friendly people, too.  Read more
Tempat-Tempat Menarik Di Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Negeri Di Bawah Bayu
Kota Kinabalu, ibu negeri Sabah, pintu masuk bagi kebanyakkan pelancong-pelancong dari luar negeri ke negeri di bawah bayu (Land Below The Wind). Jika anda salah seorang pelancong yang ingin tahu di mana tempat menarik di Kota Kinabalu, maka teruskan membaca dan kita lawati satu persatu destinasi pelancongan anda. “Boleh bah,... Read more
2014 Sabah BJJ And Submission Grappling Open
If you love any sort of grappling, then this event must surely have caught your attention. The annual Sabah BJJ and Submission grappling tournament, “Headhunters Challenge” was back for its fourth installment last week at City Mall Kota Kinabalu. I was there to witness some of the best in this... Read more