Friday,23 June,2017


What Do I Need for a Journalism Degree?

Plenty of students worry after they finish A-Levels, they often find themselves asking “What are my career options after A Levels?”. Well many students end up looking into the world of Journalism and a job [...]

Online Shopping – 10 Easy Tips on How to Get the Best Deals

I love to do online shopping. Zalora, Lazada, Hermo, Ebay and a few others, are among my favourite online shopping spots. And as an online shopper, I love to grab deals. Unless I'm in a [...]

There You Have It. Minister Admits That 1MDB Is Actually Run By Morons

When I look at headlines like that, I must confess that I'm totally pissed off. As an HR practitioner, I take the process of recruitment and putting the RIGHT person at the right place very [...]

Malaysia Online Flower Delivery : Jambangan Bunga Segar sebagai Tanda Ingatan

Artikel ini adalah mengenai penghantaran bunga secara online di Malaysia ataupun Malaysia online flower delivery. Mengapa tiba-tiba kami minat menulis mengenai bunga? Jika berminat untuk tahu, baca selanjutnya di bawah. :D Bunga Siapa tidak suka [...]

Inside Kuala Lumpur’s Rising Floral Destination

There is nothing like a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers to illuminate your day, and that is exactly what online platform Flower Chimp in Malaysia has in store for its customers: A broad range of [...]

1MDB and The Zero Integrity Prime Minister

Recently, I attended a seminar on HSE. One of the speakers was from a 1MDB subsidiary and the participants were teasing him on issues regarding the company's mismanagement. Apparently, he was quick to absolve himself [...]

Jom Aktifkan MyKad SEO-CONTEST

Jom Aktifkan Mykad is the second SEO Contest that I’m participating in within 1 week. Perhaps, I'm running out of topic to write plus there are several draft articles that I find hard to complete [...]

Pos Laju – Please Beef Up Your Services Pos Malaysia!

Dearest Pos Laju, Please appoint a supervisor at the Pos Laju counter so that your manpower can be optimally utilized. Let’s not make customers wait for an hour to collect their parcel… I have praised [...]

PT3: Parents Would Have Expected The Unexpected Had They Read My Article

I had written extensively on PT3 exam (here's the link: Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga) and if parents took the time to read the article, they probably would not have been too disappointed with their children's result. [...]

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