Sunday,20 August,2017


SGshop Merdeka Giveaway

As mentioned in our previous articles, in conjunction with the celebration of 60th Merdeka Day, we are delighted to organize SGshop Merdeka Giveaway, courtesy of SGshop Malaysia. There will be 2 categories of Giveaways where 20 [...]

How To Shop With SGshop

In the previous post, I shared some info about SGshop and the reasons why I choose to shop through SGshop.  I also wrote a review about my shopping experience. In this article, I will share [...]

Review Shopping Online Dengan SGshop

Siapa tak suka shopping?  Jangan cakap orang perempuan, orang lelaki pun suka shopping. Budak-budak pun suka shopping! Cuma, citarasa berbeza-beza. Saya memang suka shopping, tapi shopping online ya, bukan shopping yang melibatkan penat cari parking, penat [...]

Online Shopping With SGshop Malaysia

Have you heard of Taobao or SGshop? I am sure most Malaysians have heard of Taobao. How many times have you yearned to purchase through Taobao but couldn’t proceed?  For me, because of the language [...]

What Do I Need for a Journalism Degree?

Plenty of students worry after they finish A-Levels, they often find themselves asking “What are my career options after A Levels?”. Well many students end up looking into the world of Journalism and a job [...]

Online Shopping – 10 Easy Tips on How to Get the Best Deals

I love to do online shopping. Zalora, Lazada, Hermo, Ebay and a few others, are among my favourite online shopping spots. And as an online shopper, I love to grab deals. Unless I’m in a [...]

There You Have It. Minister Admits That 1MDB Is Actually Run By Morons

When I look at headlines like that, I must confess that I’m totally pissed off. As an HR practitioner, I take the process of recruitment and putting the RIGHT person at the right place very [...]

Malaysia Online Flower Delivery : Jambangan Bunga Segar sebagai Tanda Ingatan

Artikel ini adalah mengenai penghantaran bunga secara online di Malaysia ataupun Malaysia online flower delivery. Mengapa tiba-tiba kami minat menulis mengenai bunga? Jika berminat untuk tahu, baca selanjutnya di bawah. :D Bunga Siapa tidak suka [...]

Inside Kuala Lumpur’s Rising Floral Destination

There is nothing like a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers to illuminate your day, and that is exactly what online platform Flower Chimp in Malaysia has in store for its customers: A broad range of [...]