Bacaan Fatihah Terunggul by Ustaz Hj. Mohd Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz

Being curious about the quality of my Fatihah recitation, and hearing from an Ustaz that some other ustaz took 1 month to perfect his ‘Fatihah’ recitation with the help of an expert in Mekah, I purchased this DVD: Pakej DVD Fatihah Terunggul..

…in order to confirm my suspicions that my Fatihah recitation is imperfect, or frankly speaking, far from perfect. Al Fatihah is the most important and most read surah of all – at least 17 times per day, so there’s no question that continuous learning is a must.

Alhamdulillah, sesuai dengan makna Al-Fatihah itu sendiri maka kita bukakan bicara dengan bacaan Al Fatihah. Surah Al-Fatihah terdiri dari 7 ayat dan merupakan surah pertama yang diturunkan secara lengkap di Makkah selepas Surah Al-Muddathir. Surah ini dinamakan Al-Fatihah (Pembukaan) kerana ia dijadikan sebagai pembuka dan permulaan Al-Quran.

Surah ini juga dinamakan Ummul Quran (Ibu Quran) atau Ummul Kitaab (Ibu Kitab) kerana ia merupakan ibu atau induk kepada semua isi Al-Quran dan menjadi intisari kandungan Al-Quran itu sendiri – Ustaz Hj. Mohd Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz

Bacaan Fatihah Terunggul

This is a 3-part DVD that informs about ‘Lahnun Jaliy’ (big mistakes that may affect the meaning of the words) and ‘Lahnun Khofiy’ (small mistakes) that are commonly committed by us while reciting the Ummul Kitab, Al Fatihah.  The first DVD Fatihah Terunggul discusses 15 ‘Lahnun Jaliy’ while the second DVD Fatihah Terunggul discusses 14 ‘Lahnun Khofiy’ in verses 1-4 and the third DVD further explains the next 16 ‘Lahnun Khofiy’ in verses 5-7.

kesilapan Tajwid Fatihah

The discussions are in Malay and very easy to follow.  I would recommend this to everyone who wishes to improve his Fatihah recitation and also parents who wish to help their children.  You know how it is – we may have habits that are hard to break or that simply escape our notice such saying ‘A-le-ham-du-lil-lah’ instead of ‘Al-ham-du-lil-lah’ (as mentioned in the DVD).  There may also be bonus given to purchasers or discounts for second purchases of other items such as ‘Tajwid Super Mudah’, ‘Tajwid Pro’, etc.

Ustaz Hj. Mohd Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz

I came to know about Ustaz Hj. Mohd Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz from his book ‘Kaedah Jibril’ which proposes method of memorizing surahs from the Quran such as Yasin, Al-Mulk, etc.  Having not less than 18 years experience in the field of Quran memorization and studies, he holds a B.A (Hons) in Al-Quran & Qiraat from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, and a MA in Psychology (Industry & Organisation), from U.K.M.  Before that, he studied Al Quran for 7 years at Maahad Ahmadi, Negeri Sembilan (now known asi ITQAN – Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Negeri Sembilan).

In 2006, he was active in contributing his expertise at DARUL QURAN JAKIM, teaching the students more systematic Quran memorization techniques.

So, if you are interested to know more on his DVD Bacaan Fatihah Terunggul, just visit HERE.

Bacaan Fatihah Terunggul by Ustaz Hj. Mohd Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz

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