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how to shop sgshop

In the previous post, I shared some info about SGshop and the reasons why I choose to shop through SGshop.  I also wrote a review about my shopping experience. In this article, I will share with you how to shop with SGshop, based on my personal experience. I’m calling it ‘with SGshop‘ instead of ‘at SGshop‘ because SGshop is not the seller, it is your agent which will help to make your shopping experience at China’s e-commerce sites easier and hassle-free.

SGshop Service Options

Before I share about how to shop with SGshop, I must tell you about the basic options available when you choose SGshop. There are 3 options :

  1. Buy for me – SGshop does the purchasing and inspection, consolidates all items and then delivers to your address
  2. Ship for me – you purchase directly from seller but address the items to SGshop’s warehouse in Ghuangzhou, then SGshop will consolidate all items and deliver to your address. You incur 2 payments.
  3. SmartShop – SGshop helps you to purchase and inspect your purchase but instead of waiting for all products to arrive at the warehouse, the SmartShop items will be delivered to you immediately. You incur only 1 payment.

I’ve tried ‘Buy for Me’ and ‘SmartShop’.  I choose SmartShop if the item is light and I need it delivered fast.  I choose ‘Buy for Me’ for most other items especially when I don’t mind waiting and prefer all orders delivered in one go.

Some customers purchase at Taobao using their own Taobao account and then send it to the address provided by SGshop.  That is ‘Ship for Me’ option.  All they need to do is copy and paste SGshop China warehouse address to their Taobao account.

How to Search at Taobao, Buy with SGshop

To search for an item from Taobao or other third party sellers but buy with SGshop, you need to get the link.  Just type in the key words for the items you want to buy, or paste the URL from your selected third party sellers (eg Taobao) into SGshop’s search column.

Copy the link, then go to SGshop and paste the link in the ‘search‘ box and click.

Walla! Easy, right?

Notice the price difference…? But don’t panic, there is a reason for that.

It states :

MYR price for the reference price, the actual payment amount, to check the cash register when the amount of money prevail.”

Meaning, it depends on currency exchange at the time of payment.

Now, even if this means a slightly higher price, I still prefer to stick with SGshop ‘Buy for Me’ because :

  1. it’s easier, faster and less risk of miscommunication or mistakes (no need to puzzle with Google Translate).
  2. Ship for Me’ doesn’t have inspection service – it’s a warehousing and delivery service only.  Quite frequently I read about buyers’ frustration because the items that they received are not as specified.  SGshop’s basic inspection service minimizes that problem because it includes checks on quantity, colour, size, design and obvious defects of purchased products.  But don’t expect them to verify authenticity or quality of product ya – you need to figure that out yourself.

Here’s a summary of the above services: the difference between “SmartShop”, “Buy For Me” and “Ship For Me

What are the costs of buying through SGshop?

Besides the price of the items, here are the costs that you must take into account when you shop with SGshop:

  • 1st payment when you check out items (paid to Seller) : Product price + domestic shipping/postage fee (for delivery from the Seller to SGshop’s China warehouse in Guangzhou).
  • 2nd payment before items are shipped from the warehouse to your address (paid to SGshop) : International shipping fee + service charge 8% (1st Payment + International Shipping + Clearance Fee) + clearance fee (RM0.98 per parcel received from third-party seller purchases).

Note : Always survey and compare prices! As you can see below, you need to survey and compare the price and delivery costs of the same product between different sellers because sometimes the postage is free but the price is higher, and vice versa.

Different sellers, different price.

Notice the difference prices of the same item below?

For more info on how these are calculated, please read here.  You can also use this SGshop calculator to estimate the costs. If your address is in a remote or highland area, then the shipping costs will be higher.

How to Shop With SGshop?

Now, the fun part – SHOPPING!!!

This is based on my personal experience when I used the ‘Buy For Me’ and ‘SmartShop’ options. And you can also easily refer to SGshop Shopping Guide for more details.

1. Registration

Register and log in to your account – this is standard procedure in most shopping platforms.  I encountered a bit of problem here because I received no verification code. At first, there was no customer service available as it was late in the evening.  So, I waited the next day and with the help of the customer care, I was successfully registered.

This is the SGshop customer care operation hours:

Or you could skip the phone verification step & just fill up the 3 boxes, check the T&C, then click ‘Register’.

Unlike some other customers, I don’t get updates through phone, only emails.  That suits me well because too many notifications can be distracting.

But I did verify my phone before my first purchase.

2. Survey & Choose

After successful registration, have fun browsing for your products on SGshop. Bear in mind that SGshop is not the seller, it merely provides a platform to assist you in purchasing from sellers based in China.

Once you decided on the item that you like, select the desired design/colour, size, quantity, etc.

When you are ready to place your order with the third party seller, confirm your selection and click ‘Add to Cart‘. Then continue browsing and add more items to your cart, if you like.  After you think you’ve purchased enough and are ready to pay, click ‘My Cart‘  and ‘View Cart‘.  You’ll see a list, check, delete any item you don’t want and finalize.

Remember, weight is a factor.  Use the SGshop calculator to estimate the total costs that you may have to pay.

3. Pick a Service

Sometimes, there are several options available : SmartShop or Buy For Me. If you choose SmartShop, you need to pay each seller separately, but 1 time only.

If you decide to consolidate with other items, just turn off the SmartShop button.  So, the SmartShop item will be grouped together with the ‘Buy For Me‘ items.

You’ll see this:

4. Make 1st Payment

If you choose SmartShop, then this is your only payment.  But for ‘Buy for Me‘, this is the 1st payment. When you’re ready to pay for the first time, you need to verify your phone number before you can proceed.  Best if you do all this during SGshop Customer Care operation hours. Then you can proceed with confirming your details, address and choose method of delivery.

After that, make one-time payment (SmartShop) or 1st payment (Buy For Me) via PayPal/ Visa/ MasterCard or your SGshop account balance credit.  Payment via credit card or online banking will incur additional charges of 2.8% + RM0.80.

If your shopping credit balance is not enough, you can top up credit via i-Banking/ATM transfer, and will be confirmed within 24 hours.  You’ll receive an email if the top up is successful or you can also login to your SGshop account, click on your username then click ‘My Order’.

Sometimes, after item has been paid, it is discovered that it is prohibited, eg. electronic gadgets.  Don’t worry, your money will be refunded.  It happened to me twice!

5. Warehouse

After payment, they will process your order.  I was so excited that I login daily to look at the status to see how many orders have reached the SGshop Warehouse in Guangzhou. It could take between 1-5 days for orders to arrive from seller to the Guangzhou warehouse. You will receive an email when all items have reached the warehouse. Fyi, if we login daily for 5 consecutive days, we get points which can be used to get rebate on service charge.

And rest assured, when the items have reached the warehouse, they will be inspected for the correct quantity, size, colour and design as well as any obvious defect before it is ready for your submission for international shipment.

6. International Shipping & 2nd Payment

When all of your items have arrived at the warehouse, you can proceed to ship to Malaysia!  Click ‘Submit Delivery‘, fill in you address, choose delivery method and make the 2nd payment (International Shipping Fee + Service Charge + Clearance Fee).

Once payment is made, the product will then be shipped to your doorstep.

Here is a table about the International Shipping Fee :

And here’s an estimate of the length of time involved from 1st payment until it reaches your doorstep:

If you are not yet ready to ship (maybe you plan to make a few more purchases), SGshop can keep your items in their warehouse for free for up to 30 days.  Sometimes there are ‘Free Service Charge‘ promo or other discounts – you could saved a couple of bucks if you’re lucky!

7. Delivery Process & Status Updates

After the 2nd payment, the status will be ‘Repacking in Progress‘.  Later, it’ll be ‘Sending to Malaysia‘. When order is shipped, you’ll get a better update. You’ll see ‘Submitted Delivery‘ when you click ‘My Order’ – ‘My Collection‘.

I have made a few orders using different delivery methods, and here are my thoughts:

  • Economy air – I chose this for order that are light (yarns, light clothing, etc). I made the 1st payment on 28/5/17 and the item arrived at my doorstep on the 3/6/17.   Quite fast actually, considering that 30-31/5/17 were public holidays here in Sabah.

  • SmartShop – I chose economy air. Paid on 1/6/2017 and the item arrived on 7/6/2017.  A bit slow because the item took a few days to arrive at the warehouse.
  • Buy for Me – This was a lone item, very light. 1st payment on 3/6/2017, 2nd payment on 5/6/2017. With economy air, it arrived on 8/6/2017, even faster than the SmartShop order (SmartShop item arrived at the warehouse a bit late probably because it was free China domestic shipping).


  • Sea shipping – the slowest but the cheapest.  I used this method because the order was very heavy.  1st payment on 1/6/2017 and eta was 7/7/17.  But it only arrived on 13/7/17. Good thing the customer care was always ready with updates when I needed it. Turned out the parcel was stuck in customs – nasib baik tak kena GST!  As I mentioned in the previous post, try to keep your parcel value below RM500.  If it’s more than that, split the package or chances are it’ll get stuck in customs.  My bad!!!

8. Delivery Process & Collection

Once your purchased products reached you, proceed to “My Collection” to confirm that you received it. You will then receive your membership points.  Keep accumulating points, you can use it later to off-set service charge.

This is one of my hauls with SGshop, it’s so huge, no wonder it got stuck in customs!

Why was it so big? Because it had this baby:

And this:

I got tired of buying bags for the kids that cost RM50 and above but last only a few months, so I bought these.

Plus these bags have lots of compartments and comes with:

  • external USB, easy travel, convenient charging
  • leather to leather buckle
  • two-way zippers, shock-proof computer layer, etc

See?  There are many other designs/colours/prices available, of course.  You can check it out here.

The bags are about 0.8kg each, so you must factor in the shipping costs of about RM14 (Peninsular)/RM23 (Sabah/Sarawak).

Payment Methods

As mentioned above, there are various payment methods (ATM transfer, internet banking or credit card), but if you choose Visa or Mastercard, there’ll be a charge of 2.8% + RM0.80.  I used internet banking where I transferred the amount to SGshop’s bank account, then submit top up request (Internet Banking Transfer) to SGshop.

The amount was credited to my account after confirmation.

Merdeka Giveaway with SGshop – RM100 x 10 Shopping Credits

Now that you know how to shop with SGshop, would you like to know how to win yourself SGshop’s RM100 shopping credit?

We are delighted to share the good news that SGshop has generously agreed to sponsor the Giveaway for DLSL readers.  There will be 2 separate Giveaways – what!!!


Yup, there will be 20 shopping credits worth RM100 each up for grabs for 20 lucky DLSL readers.

So, if you want to get the chance to enjoy shopping for free, do stay tuned to our next posts.  It could be tomorrow, or next week, or….. Hehehe…. tunggu ya!

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    1. Hi, sorry for the late response. I made the order last year & I couldn’t find the record. But if I’m not mistaken, I chose sea shipping and it was almost RM50 bcos the order was huge and heavy.

  1. Salam / Hi sis,
    Macam mana nak baca table estimated shipping cost yaa ? Saya tak faham . Before this i’m using ezbuy agents to ship my parcels. Saya nak compare mana yang lagi jimat & mudah untuk saya guna.. Hope sis sudi beri tunjuk ajar . Thanks 😉

    1. Waalaikumsalam sis, maksudnya dari warehouse SGShop di China ke alamat sis? Mula2 sis mesti tahu berat brg dulu. Kalau x dpt cari, tanya customer care team utk berat benda tu + estimate berat kotak sbb dorang akan repackage brg (kalau order lebih dr 1). sis blh rujuk ttg estimate shipping costs. Once brg dah ready to ship dr warehouse, cek balik berat brg & compare dgn berat asal. Brg2 spatutnya jadi lebih ringan bila kena repackage. Kalau lebih berat, ertinya dorang x repackage cuma combine semua kotak, msk dlm kotak baru. Akhirnya kita pula tpaksa byr utk postage kotak extra. All the best.

  2. hello,, boleh bagi facebook atau email x? nak tanya pasal kat sgshop.. skrg ni xda pula yg bole tukar tu ‘smartshop’,, dia direct terus ‘buy for me’.. sya dari kk, sabah..

    1. Saya x pasti kalau SGshop sdh ada perubahan ttg ‘Smart Shop’. Saya syorkan puan chat dgn customer care SGshop utk sebarang mslh. Sila rujuk artikel di atas utk masa operasi customer care.

    1. Dah contact customer care? Just tekan butang ‘Help’ di penjuru bwh kanan, letak ja something dlm box, then tekan ‘enter’. Nanti akan keluar icon ‘Live Chat’. Blh direct tanya. Happy shopping. 😀

    1. Akak pun x tau Milzah kenapa ada org dpt, ada yg x dpt. Cuba tanya customer care SGshop. Akak dulu pun chat dgn customer care SGshop & dorg bagitau to just skip that part. Akak x kisah sbb akak mmg x suka kalau hp byk sgt notification sbb takut fokus kerja terganggu. Akak prefer utk cek thru website time free ja. Tapi mmg lebih convenient kalau dpt instant notification. Try contact customer care ya. Mgkn dorang boleh tolong solve the issue.

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