Inside Kuala Lumpur’s Rising Floral Destination


There is nothing like a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers to illuminate your day, and that is exactly what online platform Flower Chimp in Malaysia has in store for its customers: A broad range of flower bouquets, arrangements, and gift hampers for the festive current season.  We had a look at what this KL-based floral enterprise has in store for its customers; and the yearlong festive seasons that engulf the very aspect of Malaysian culture.

The online platform saw its official launch in April of 2016, and we had the chance to talk with its two founders, Maximilian and Niklas.

bouquets flower chimp
The assortment covers hand bouquets for any occasion, as well as gift hampers

The dreams of creating a Southeast Asian premier floral destination came into reality when two German Expats, Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa decided to quit their corporate jobs in present Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta in neighbouring Indonesia. Maximilian, one of the managing directors of Flower Chimp gives us the lowdown on how the floral firm all came into action.

“I met Niklas through a mutual friend in Kuala Lumpur whilst I was working for my previous firm,” he says. “Last Valentines Day, it just so happened that we shared mutual feelings about the awful service that the available online floral services were at the time – which didn’t go too well with our girlfriends!”

Maximilian, who had worked in the industry of medtech, says he has always preserved a passion for the Internet and its rapidly growing relevance in today’s technology and society.

“We live in an age whereby the Internet and its communication is instantaneous,” he says. “That being said, Malaysia is one of many Southeast Asian countries that is catching up with the mobile-app and online delivery trends that make life just that much more convenient for those with busy schedules.”

After leaving their previous companies, Maximilian and Niklas sought out to connect experienced Malaysian florists and gift manufacturers to customers via the Flower Chimp website. Orders are placed online and are then hand-delivered by local partner-florists to ensure that the same-day delivery maintains its fresh quality for respective customers.

Potted Orchids
Potted Orchids are available from RM129

Niklas, partner and managing director had presently been in the e-commerce industry for a number of years to date. From his time at online shopping platform Zalora, to his time presently at Flower Chimp, he believes that a business such as Flower Chimp will strengthen the sales of local businesses by providing them access to new marketing channels as many florists are not yet considering to sell online.

“Our objectives go far beyond delivering a sense of convenience for our customers in receiving their orders,” he says. “We aim to additionally give local florists and gift-makers a platform to showcase their efforts and their products in a way that is expedient for everybody within the spectrum”.

By corporately associating with local florists and gift manufacturers, Flower Chimp enables the sales of products on a broader scale via the perks of the Internet.

Designed to cater to any occasion, from weddings and birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, to Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, Flower Chimp continues to grow within the Malaysian market and flourishes through its fresh assortment of blooms, the nature of its punctuality, its competitive pricing, and its convenience to our fellow Malaysians.

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