LEGO Ideas: Completed Project


Remember the LEGO Ideas Book that I mentioned last week? Well, we have managed to complete a couple of project so far and today I’m going to reveal the first one here. This project is called ‘Trapdoor’ and can be found on page 117 in the LEGO Ideas Book. It was quite easy compared to the others in the book and since we have a lot of LEGO Castle bricks, we were able to complete the project without worrying about whether we had enough bricks to do it.

My son and I (5% contribution 😀 ) took about 45 minutes to complete the project. Though, it looks easy, still without the instruction, we needed to be extra creative to create the ‘Trapdoor’ LEGO project. Yup, I forgot to mention in my earlier posting that LEGO Ideas Book does not provide the instructions for creating the LEGO models. They just throw in a few pictures and little information, and we need to use our creativity to complete the project.

That’s why they named the book LEGO Ideas Book, I guess – they just give you ideas not the tips on how to do it.


To build up your medieval scene, why not add some extra detail to your castle? Perhaps your castle has hidden treasure, which needs protecting from thieves. Or maybe you’d rather design clever way to trap your enemies. Design some sneaky traps to keep your secret safe! Adding moving parts to your models brings them to life – The LEGO Ideas Book at page 116.

Trapdoor – A trapdoor needs to swing down to drop people out of sight, so built it up high. The door should match the rest of the floor (whether wooden or stone) so it’s a hug surprise for unsuspecting minfigures! – The LEGO Ideas Book at page 117.


We will reveal the next project in our future posting, hopefully. In the meantime, what do you think about our LEGO ‘Trapdoor’ project and LEGO Design  Book?  Feel free to a comment or two. Thank you.

LEGO Ideas: Completed Project

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