There You Have It. Minister Admits That 1MDB Is Actually Run By Morons

1 mdb mangkuk hayun

When I look at headlines like that, I must confess that I’m totally pissed off. As an HR practitioner, I take the process of recruitment and putting the RIGHT person at the right place very seriously. In fact, even after the hiring was done, there is a period of probation to ascertain the performance of each individuals. If not up to standard, then they have to buck up or bye bye.

What happened at 1MDB is truly filled with shenanigans. If you read through the PAC report and DoJ’s file, then you can say that this is thievery at the highest order.

So, what the hell has MOF been doing in the past four years?

Alas, it is inevitable that someone from MOF will come up with such shocking statement. The scapegoat must be found. The pointing game has begun. Let’s grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. By hook and by crook, MO1 must be protected. After all, he is the god chosen one.

  • Damn you MOF for putting all these people in charge and never care to monitor them until things get out of control.
  • Damn you for now coming up with a statement that these people that you hired are actually ‘mangkuk hayung‘ (morons).

You are the mangkuk hayun for putting these people in charge. Or are they really in charge?

It saddened me to see what’s happening in our country today. We are led by unscrupulous people that put their interest above the nation’s. They are blinded by all the wealth in this world and now they are rotten to the core.

Oh God, please help us.

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