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Have you heard of Taobao or SGshop? I am sure most Malaysians have heard of Taobao. How many times have you yearned to purchase through Taobao but couldn’t proceed?  For me, because of the language barrier, I could only admire the photos and incredibly low prices.

Google Translate? Not much help. Still so much that remains incomprehensible and weird – a challenge to understand!  So, I ended up buying from third parties, with limited choice and having to pay for multiple courier charges.  Recently, I was introduced to SGshop, a local Taobao shopping agent.

Honestly, online shopping with SGshop becomes a breeze!

What is SGshop?

SGshop is a company that strives ‘To Make Online Shopping Truly Global in Nature’.  Started in Singapore in 2011, it has since expanded its services to Malaysia and Myanmar.

Basically, SGshop:

  1. helps you to shop for a wide variety of products from various e-commerce websites in China, including the very popular Taobao; and/or
  2. delivers to your address in Malaysia via several delivery methods according to your preference and budget.

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In short, when you purchase through SGshop, it becomes your agent, like a personal shopper.  Shopping becomes very easy, in just a few clicks!  Or if you prefer, do your own purchase then get SGshop to help you deliver the items to your address.

Here are some of the e-commerce sites that SGshop could assist you make your purchase or do delivery:

SGShop e-commerce sites

What are the benefits of Online Shopping with SGshop?

When you shop with SGshop, it acts as your middleman/agent.

What does that mean?


SGshop helps you to communicate, pay and handle shipping of the items from the online sellers in China to your doorstep.  Sometimes, it can also help you to search for something and explain the details of the item you want, much like a personal interpreter.


Secure Payment

SGshop will ensure that payment processes are as secure and efficient as possible.

secure payment

Inspect, consolidate, repack and deliver

When your order reaches SGshop’s warehouse in Guangzhou, its staff will inspect your items, consolidate them and repackage them together for delivery to your address. This is very important especially if you have made multiple purchases from different sellers – how would you know that all items are in order?

This way, you will save a lot on shipping costs.

It’s really up to you – if you prefer individual delivery, that can also be arranged.

Shipping procedures & customs regulations

The people at SGshop can advice you on shipping procedures when necessary and can handle all customs matters because SGshop staff are very knowledgeable about that.  This is very crucial,  especially if your order is huge.  That’s why it is advisable to limit the value of your package to less than RM500 and preferably not too bulky, to facilitate speedy customs clearance.

I heard from friends that their international orders usually get stuck for a long time at customs and contacting customs for info can be very difficult.

Ease of mind

To me, this is the most important! SGshop will attend to your queries and provide you with various status updates so that you always know what’s happening with your items.

Sure, you’ll have to pay a certain fee for its services, but in exchange, you’ll get a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.

Isn’t that great?

What are the items that you can buy through SGshop?

SGShop Categories

See that? You will definitely be spoilt for choice!

The list is enormous – clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, crafting items, electronic gadgets, beauty products, home appliances, sports & outdoor, toys & games, pets supplies, books & magazines, and many more!  Among my favourite things are crafting items such as yarns, hooks, knitting needles, etc., like these:

Hahaha, those are my things…… What are yours? One thing for sure, there is always something for everyone in the family.

Purchase direct from Taobao?

Well, there are many reasons why many don’t shop directly from Taobao and other China-based e-commerce platforms, and these are some of my reasons:

  1. Language – I do not understand Chinese and Google Translate is not perfect
  2. Most Taobao sellers do not ship overseas due to communication problems and lack of experience in international shipping. And even if they do speak English, it would probably cost more. Plus, they may not know much about the shipping restrictions & tax regulations in Malaysia.
  3. I lack knowledge about matters such as insurance, shipping of sensitive items, additional payment fees, exchange rates and other charges.
  4. Peace of mind – After purchasing, it might take between a couple of days to more than a month for the order to reach me, depending on the delivery options I choose.  I would certainly feel better if I could get an update on when the items are shipped from China, when they reach Malaysia, whether they get clearance from the local customs, and when the courier service will deliver to my address.  With SGshop, I know whom to ask for those info.

But if I were a pro and a lone shopper, who reads and understand Mandarin well, I would probably do that.

smiley yes

Still, after taking into consideration SGshop’s full range of service, combined with low freight charges and quick deliveries, I think I’d stick with SGshop.

Simply put, online shopping with SGshop is incredibly hassle-free!

Win SGshop Shopping Credits!

In the next post, I am going to share with you “How To Shop at SGshop“.  In that article, I will also share how to enter our Giveaway and win yourself a RM100 shopping credit from SGshop. If you are eager to take part in our Giveaway (GA), please read “SGshop Merdeka Giveaway – RM100 x 20 Shopping Credits”.


 Have fun  browsing!

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  1. Yes, you’re right. Customers look at price and convenience, which must commensurate with quality as well. That’s why I appreciate our local sellers such as Claire Organics, BookXcess, The Olive Company – they provide us with something that is hard to replicate, that uniqueness + affordability. Thanks for dropping by Joey.

  2. Now China sellers start to flock in to Malaysia and dominate the e-commerce market. We Malaysian need to come out with some genuine strategies in order to survive in this cruel online war.

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