PT3: Parents Would Have Expected The Unexpected Had They Read My Article

Keputusan PT3

I had written extensively on PT3 exam (here’s the link: Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga) and if parents took the time to read the article, they probably would not have been too disappointed with their children’s result. Due to the nature of the examination or rather assessment, to be precise (since no certificate is given), we can actually expect the unexpected when the results come out.

No matter how you prepare, it is difficult to predict the outcome.

This is what the Education Ministry want to achieve, i.e to move away from the exam-oriented culture and give the students a break from their parents’ high expectations of ‘straight As‘ and instead try to do well and understand what they learned (not merely memorize them) at school.

Short-Comings of PT3

Nonetheless, this article is not to defend the ministry. There are plenty of short-comings in the system that need to be addressed and they must do it sooner rather than later. I hope our TPM will spend more time at his office this week and pick up the news on PT3 to understand the parents’ grievances.

Many of them seem to have not a clue on what Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga is about.

Hence, you can say that there is a serious communication breakdown between the ministry and the parents.

In fact, many teachers are still in the dark on PT3.

This must be rectified.

Plus, I also would like to see a clearer plan made for students after PT3.

Do read my previous article to understand what I mean.

To parents of pupils who did not do well, I hope they are not disheartened and resort to blaming teachers for such results.

In fact, be grateful if the teachers in your children’s school are very strict and does not give away the As easily. Take it as a wake up call and accept that your child needs help to master the subjects.

The real test begins with SPM and then life at the university.

Do spare some thought on pupils who are not so lucky and hardly get enough books, let alone tuition to prepare them for exams. With PT3, the government hopes that all pupils will have a better perspective and guidance on the most suitable career paths and therefore have a better future.

– PT3: Parents Would Have Expected The Unexpected Had They Read My Article 

4 thoughts on “PT3: Parents Would Have Expected The Unexpected Had They Read My Article

  1. “Take it as a wake up call ”
    When my aunt were shocked with her daughter’s result in PT3, i borrowed your words to cheer her up. That’s a little thing i could do as a 21 years old niece. Thanks for the great entry Sir ~ 🙂

  2. I remember those old days when getting straight A’s is everything. Such mind-setting in not relevant anymore. There are things more important just getting straight A’s, it is called soft skills. So parents. I supposed must start to open their minds and to look into bigger picture. Getting bad result for PT3 is not the end of the world.

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