Stress At School And Some Thoughts On Tainted Car Window


I am so sad to hear of yet another story of a child who died inside his parent’s car. While I’m not blaming the poor mother for that unfortunate accident, I do wonder if the work pressure these days are too much to take and is taking its toll on parents that they sometimes forget their own child’s safety?

Stress At School

According to NST report, the mother, a primary school teacher in her 40s, usually sent the child to kindergarten before heading to work. However, she was pressed for time that day and rushed straight to school. When she got to the school in Bandar Baru Uda at 7am, she switched off the engine and proceeded to the teachers’ room and class.

It was understood that the child was asleep in the multipurpose vehicle at the time. About 1.30pm, school staff saw the woman running frantically to her car, which was parked near the canteen, screaming her son’s name. The child was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. A  post-mortem revealed he had died in the vehicle.

Mind you but the mother is just a primary school teacher.

No disrespect to school teachers or the school system but I wonder since when has school teachers become so scared of being late to work that they completely forgot their child?

Or maybe it depends on which school? I got several neighbours who are teachers. A few do look very stressed and rarely speak to us, the rest are very relaxed and even have time to conduct tuition and play futsal regularly.

I would like to welcome teachers to leave their comments and give their thoughts on this matter.

Maybe you can help shed some light and give a clearer picture on what is happening to our school today. Then again, perhaps this is just an isolated incident and the mum probably had other problems or just had a very bad day. Still, I would like to hear from you all. 😀

Tinted Window

The more important issue that I would like to raise from this case is the danger of using tinted window for your car.

The fact shows that the mother reached school at 7 am and only after 1.30 that she realised that her son is still inside the car. That was more than 6 hours after she parked the car. What happened during this period?

Didn’t anybody see the kid and alert the mum?

Or those who saw only minded their own business?

tinted windows car
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According to the news report, witnesses said they did not hear or see anyone in the car since its windows were said to be tinted. I repeat again “windows were said to be tinted”! I hate cars with tinted windows.  Isn’t it illegal to use tinted windows? I admit the police and RTD here in Sabah are a bit lenient, but I expect things are stricter in JB. I guess I was wrong! 😉

By the way, here’s the provision on Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass) Rules 1991 on tinted window:

tinted windows

You can read the Act HERE to understand which tinted materials are in compliance with the laws of Malaysia. Check the punishment section as well.

I strongly believe that all vehicles on the road should not be allowed to use tinted windows, especially those with no see-through windows, where people can see you from the outside.

In my opinion, it is really dangerous and I myself had many problems with these kinds of vehicles especially when trying to communicate with the driver at the junction during heavy traffic. Sometimes, it can cause an accident. By the way, do you notice vehicles that like to park at the beach under the tree (especially late at night) like to use tinted windows?

Just some food for thought though, and has nothing to do with this article. 😀

– Stress At School And Some Thoughts On Tainted Car Window

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  1. Yes teachers do have work load in school and it depends on the admin be scared or not..some administrators are very strict and yes it is true that teachers are scared to be late to school..until my teachers sometimes drives to school with the baby in the car- forget to send to babysitter in the rush and many teachers are really tensed with the school work load. Something must be done before it repeats again..We are normal human being too- why pressure the teachers to put high result? Where are the parents to guide them? Not all the pupils are the same to produce high result every year…

  2. tekanan pada guru memang ada bagi sebahagian sekolah
    bergantung kepada pengetua / guru besar / pentadbir
    ia juga salah satu sebab guru2 minta bertukar

    mujur juga sekolah aku ok je

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