The Story of Slash’s Kris Derrig Les Paul

I wonder how many of you play guitar? I do, though I admit I’m not a good guitar player :D. Still, I do know quite a few things about guitar especially those related to rock niche. I love Eddie Van Halen. I think he is the guitar god! I like Slash, Vai, Eric Johnsson, Mark Knopfler plus many others too. There are many good guitarists in this world. The kind of style you favour will determine which guitarist that you idolise the most.

It’s difficult to say who’s better than whom. Same with the guitar I think. You probably will say a certain type of guitar is better than the other since your hero is using it. But, is there any difference between the two guitars of different brands? Does Fender sounds better than Kramer? Is Ibanez better than Les Paul? Again, it is a tough question to answer. But, rest assure every guitar has its own sound. Just read the story below.

Slash of Gun N’ Roses

As I said, one my favourite guitarist is Slash. Haven’t heard of him? Oh! come on.. Where have you been for the past 20 years? :wink:But, how many of you know that Slash only started using Les Paul during the recording of Gun N’ Roses debut album ‘Appetite For Destruction’ back in 1987? And the Derrig Les Paul that he used for the album was not even his!

I didn’t f*****’ reintroduce the Les Paul. It’s been around. I just don’t think that anybody who was really popular and touring worldwide was using Les Pauls around the time Guns came out – Slash

It is easy to forget that the popularity of Gibson’s seminal Les Paul models was at a low ebb in the mid-1980 when on one side of the rock coin, heavier players were turning to Deans. B.C. Riches, Krammers and a variety of ”super Strats‘, and on the other, indie and alternative players were championing Fender Telecasters and Gretchen models [Source: Star Guitars – 101 Guitars That Rocked The World by Dave Hunter]

Short History of Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses was officially formed in 1985. At the beginning, things were not easy for them, their first tour to Seattle was not a success and in Los Angeles they were all sharing a very small apartment that they called the “hell house“. But in Spring 1986 Geffen Records took the chance and offered them a contract. Slash and Co started recording material for their first album. At that time Guns N’ Roses axe man is still not using Les Paul yet. While recording Guns N Roses’s seminal debut Appetite for Destruction in 1987, Slash was having trouble getting a satisfactory tone from B.C. Rich and other guitars that had been his mainstays for some time.

With the allotted studio sessions nearing their end, and nearly engulfed in panic at the prospect of blowing the band’s big break, Slash picked up a reproduction of a late’ 50s Les Paul ‘burst that manager Alan Niven had acquired for him to try out.

Enter The Kris Derrig Les Paul

The faux Paul nailed the tone that this hard-rocking riff master was seeking, and Slash laid down the bulk of the legendary lead work for the album in a flurry of overdubs at a small studio [Source: Star Guitars – 101 Guitars That Rocked The World by Dave Hunter]

It became my main guitar for a really long time. And because I couldn’t afford a whole handful of that sort of thing, I took it out on the road for all of Guns’ early touring – Slash

During one show a careless moment of crowd surfing nearly cost the star his Derrig Les Paul, when a fan slipped the guitar from him and made for the exit only to be stopped by the band’s security crew.

The Story of Slash’s Kris Derrig Les Paul

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  1. I’ll bet if Slash lost his hat and don’t smoke a cigarette, his guitar skill will not be that great! His skill consists those 3 elements.. Les paul, a hat and a pack of cigarette! 😀

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