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Vote for Manukan Island Resort

Not far from Kota Kinabalu City, within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, lies the picturesque and serene Manukan Island Resort. An amazing place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life, amidst coconut trees, sandy beaches and glorious waters. Is it any wonder that this year, Manukan Island…

‘Tagal’ at Tinopikon Park Penampang

Our much anticipated Visit to Tambunan last year was planned 3 months before the journey.  Waa….why so long?  You might ask.  Because a journey involving more than 10 people and include kids of various ages requires lots of thought.  And to ensure that we have a place to stay, I…

Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu

Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (Kota Kinabalu City Mosque) ini dibuka secara rasmi pada 2hb Februari 2000 selepas Kota Kinabalu diistiharkan sebagai Bandaraya. Ianya merupakan masjid rasmi ke dua di negeri ini selepas Masjid Negeri di Sembulan. Terletak di Likas Bay, ia kira-kira 15km jarak memandu dari Bandar Kota Kinabalu. Rekebentuk…

New Blog Theme
Having a nice-looking and effective blog is very important when one chooses to run a blog. Bear in mind once you put up a blog, the intention is surely to share and have people read the content. Readability and engagement are some of the key factors. Hence, I took... Read more
Blog Revamp

Blog Revamp

Blogging & SEO August 4, 2020 5

I guess the time has come for us to revamp our blog again. We enjoy writing and sharing our knowledge in HR and Employment Laws but we need to make that change, again. Hence, the revamp is necessary. That is what our blog’s name is all about. So, what... Read more
Pokémon Go Fest 2020
I really had a blast during the recently concluded Pokémon Go Fest 2020 event. The two-day event featured exciting and difficult to find Pokemons and its shiny form with Shadow Mewtwo as the main prize. On top of that the mythical Psychic & Fire Pokémon, Victini made its debut... Read more
DMCA Takedown Notice
As mentioned in our previous post, we have decided to let go a few of our websites so that we could prioritize on DLSL. Little did we know that it would result in us submitting our first ever DMCA Takedown notice last month. It was accepted by the web... Read more
Pokemon Go 2019

Pokemon Go 2019

Tech-Gadgets February 17, 2019 9

Artikel berkenaan Pokemon Go (POGO) saya tulis lebih dua tahun lalu di blog. Isi kandungannya sudah lapuk (obsolete) dan tidak sesuai digunakan sebagai bahan rujukan lagi. Namun yang pasti, saya masih bermain POGO sehingga kini dan makin aktif dengan aktiviti yang berkaitan dengannya. POGO kini telah diberi nafas baru... Read more