Sunday,20 August,2017

Zurainny Ismail

SGshop Merdeka Giveaway

As mentioned in our previous articles, in conjunction with the celebration of 60th Merdeka Day, we are delighted to organize SGshop Merdeka Giveaway, courtesy of SGshop Malaysia. There will be 2 categories of Giveaways where 20 [...]

How To Shop With SGshop

In the previous post, I shared some info about SGshop and the reasons why I choose to shop through SGshop.  I also wrote a review about my shopping experience. In this article, I will share [...]

Review Shopping Online Dengan SGshop

Siapa tak suka shopping?  Jangan cakap orang perempuan, orang lelaki pun suka shopping. Budak-budak pun suka shopping! Cuma, citarasa berbeza-beza. Saya memang suka shopping, tapi shopping online ya, bukan shopping yang melibatkan penat cari parking, penat [...]

Online Shopping With SGshop Malaysia

Have you heard of Taobao or SGshop? I am sure most Malaysians have heard of Taobao. How many times have you yearned to purchase through Taobao but couldn’t proceed?  For me, because of the language [...]

What Do I Need for a Journalism Degree?

Plenty of students worry after they finish A-Levels, they often find themselves asking “What are my career options after A Levels?”. Well many students end up looking into the world of Journalism and a job [...]

Online Movie Tickets : Review The Fate of the Furious (2017)

What is the big deal about The Fast and the Furious (FF) franchise, anyway? Ticket collection since the first movie, The Fast and the Furious (2001) until Furious 7, has not dwindled (except for Tokyo [...]

Online Natural Skincare : Organichana

Whenever possible, I always choose organic or natural products over synthetic skincare products for various reasons.  Fortunately, compared to a decade ago, it is now pretty easy for us to get our hands on international [...]

Body Scrubs: SweetGlo Scrubs

    Some time before Christmas last year, I received a wonderful package of these 3 wonderful natural bath and body scrubs from SweetGlo Scrubs.  As a firm believer in the benefits of daily facial [...]

Watch Movies Online and Offline on iflix

One of the ways to unwind for most employees, besides populating restaurants or heading to the gym, is watching movies (which is so easy nowadays as we can purchase tickets online even while in the office).  Apart [...]