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10 Years With ServerFreak Web Hosting Service

by Ismail N   ยท  3 months ago   ยท  

I just renewed our web hosting service with ServerFreak this week. It means that we have been using their service for over a decade now. Quite an amazing achievement. Hence, we are also proud to have served our readers with what we hope as useful and beneficial contents throughout these periods. Any error or omission while preparing those contents are regrettable and purely unintentional. The objective has always and will always be sharing of knowledge, info and fruitful discussion.

If you wish to blog like us and looking for a reliable and trustworthy web hosting services, do check ServerFreak Hosting. Check out their website HERE for more info

Blog Viewers

Over a period of a week (Oct. 22 until Oct 28, morning), we recorded 17,737 views with 22 comments left on several pages in this blog. Our average viewers per month is around 80k to 100k. Mostly from Malaysia. Not bad, right? That statistics provide us with one more reason why we should keep this blog running for as long as possible.

However, we understand that people these days don’t prefer to read. Many would prefer to watch videos on YouTube, Ig, TickTok, etc. instead. Hence, the way forward might include producing video contents. We shall think about this, very hard. Need to polish that video editing skills first. We feel that it is bad to produce a half-baked content just to follow the trend.

blogging years

Platform and Template

We are still running the blog on WordPress and Osnic Theme. I did small modifications on its child theme to fit our preferences. It is quite easy to use and more importantly less CSS coding to work with.

Do check Osnic and other themes at ThemeForest. We did some review in our previous posting HERE.

Osnic wordpress theme

What’s Next?

Like I said above, the way forward might be more video contents. Then again, we love to write. In real life, we are like those introverts that enjoy sitting in front of the PC and work with data and information than meeting people or talking talking talking :D.

There are a few articles we would like to produce before the end of the year. The amendment to Employment Act 1955 is one of them. Plus, a few new things that we learned recently while attending courses, etc. Hopefully, our other commitments won’t stop us from finishing those articles. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please keep supporting us and thank you to ServerFreak for those 10 wonderful years. Looking forward to another 10 years ahead.



  1. Lama sudah berblogging ya. dah banyak ilmu yang dikongsi

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Alhamdulillah, masih dpt berblogging. Kongsi sikit2 ja….

  2. Mantapppp!!! keep on blogging

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Thanks so much Anies!

      1. sama sama

        btw, tak ada entry baru ke?

      2. Zurainny Ismail

        Hi Anies,
        Tuan rumah ja yg rancak menulis bln ni. Puan rmh ketandusan idea skrg….hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Sedekad sudah bersama serverfreak ya tahniah.
    Mrs.A dah lama berblog pun masih setia bersama yang Foc ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Foc lagi best! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Well done and good luck! Last year baru tukar dari siteground ke lupa dah nama lol. Boleh consider server freak next time.

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Thanks Rasya! Yes, do consider ServerFreak if you’re thinking of switching. So far, customer service ServerFreak has been very responsive & swift in addressing any queries/issues..

  5. well done! semoga terus sukses dlm dunia blogging, ye!

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Aamiin…,terima kasih Abam Kie! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. must be very good stanning for 10 yrs

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Yes, its fantastic! Blog Mamapp lagi awesome, mcm dah 14 years gitu. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow, 10 years already ya sis! Tolong tunjuk ajarku sifu..

    1. Hahaha…blm tahap sifu lagi…
      Waktu mula2 start blogging, kami tulis utk suka2 ja. Time tu saya masi practice law, so x blh visible sgt. Mcm2 blog kami created, including ttg hobbies kami. Berkat blog adsense kena blocked/blacklisted, kami buka blog DLSL, belajar dr kesilapan & tulis tentang benda2 yg kami suka eg coffee, photography, movies. Sekali sekala, kami selitkan dgn benda2 yg kami pelajari waktu bekerja seperti undang2 buruh, saman bank, basic contract law. Kira mcm tulis nota, tapi share dgn public melalui blog. Usually En IsmailN tulis, saya tlg edit. Pendek kata, team work sgt2 membantu.
      Lots more to learn, of course!

  8. 10 tahun merupakan satu tempoh yang sangat lama.

    mereka yang sebaris dan seusia dengan blog ini mungkin ramai yang gantung blog aka berhenti berblogging

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Dah 10 thn dgn serverfreak, tapi blogging dlm DLSL lebih lama dr itu, termasuk blog2 lain yg dah pupus.
      Kami cari2 juga rakan2 blogger lama seperti Zumal dan yg lain, tapi blm jumpa lg. Semoga mereka dlm keadaan baik dan sihat sentiasa.

  9. keep it up!!

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Thanks dear, and you too!


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