25 Beautiful THESIS Skins for 2016

Thesis Skins

I don’t know about you but to me THESIS theme ROCKS! Every penny spent on thesis is worth it because it is such a beautiful and powerful WordPress theme. If you don’t know how to design your own thesis blog, don’t worry.

There are so many thesis skins out there that you can download.

  • Some are free, some are not.
  • If you are looking for quality, then I suggest you purchase from some of the top thesis skin designers/developers out there.

Do check on Themedy Themes, WP Thesis Skins and Thesis Laboratory, among others.

You’ll be delighted.

By the way, you’ll need to install THESIS Framework before you can use all the skins below. DOWNLOAD THESIS HERE.

NOTE: This article has been updated to include the latest thesis skins that have been released for the past 12 months. We have tested some of them and decided to include them in this posting. Hence the article title has now been changed to 25 Beautiful THESIS Skins for 2016.

Here are my favourite THESIS Skins for 2016…

Perfect SEO


I wrote about this skin last month. This is a highly recommended skin for serious bloggers who love clean, responsive and dynamic theme. Perfect SEO Blog skin is just a perfect skin for SEO purpose. Developed by those geniuses at BuyThesisSkins and available for download at an affordable price.

Do check this one out!

Beautiful THESIS Skins

  • THESIS SPLENDID SKIN – Newest skin by WP Thesis Skins.
  • SMOOTH POST 2 – An upgrade from ‘Smooth Post’  by Themedy Themes.
  • FORB SKIN – Another wonderful skin from WP Thesis Skins.
  • CRISS CROSS – A popular skin by Thesis Laboratory.



Blossom is the newest and the best skin produced by WPThesisSkins. If you are a fashion, lifestyle or travel blogger, I will say, this is PERFECT for your blog. The design is clean and elegant.

It does look amazingly beautiful.

Download it now and impress your readers and sponsors.


effectus diy theme

This is the latest skin from the developer of thesis, DIY Theme. With 1, 2, and 3-column mobile-responsive layouts, the Effectus Skin can suit your needs no matter what kind of site you have.  It also comes with access to the entire Google Fonts library, so you’ll be able to pick a font that perfectly matches your site.

With its powerful customization option, you can create gorgeous website/blog easily and seo-friendly, too.

This one certainly is one of the top download for 2016.

Beautiful THESIS Skins 2

  • STUDIO – A powerful responsive skin by iCustomizeThesis.
  • NEWSCLICK – Absolutely gorgeous responsive Magazine Thesis skin by Buy Thesis Skins.
  • BLOGGERS PRIDE – Clean and smooth. Suitable for Bloggers. Skin by Thesis Love.
  • CLEAN CUT – Clean and responsive. Great for blogger & IM. Download at Thesis Skins.

Beautiful THESIS Skins 3

  • ADMIRE – A Blogging Skin by Thesis Love.
  • ERTICA – Another powerful responsive Magazine Thesis skin by Buy Thesis Skins.
  • INSPIRED TASTEFood Blogger should buy this skin from Nina Cross.
  • MARKETERS DELIGHT – Highly recommended for IM. Skin by Kolakube.


flex thesis

Another one from DIY Theme. A clean and responsive skin that is built for speed and SEO. Like other DIY Theme, customization is easy. You can change your layout, colors, fonts, and sizes with a click of your mouse. It also came fully integrated with Thesis’ patent-pending color scheme picker right out of the box.

Visit DIY Theme to download.


the vocation skin

The Vocation Skin is just exquisite and stunning. If you are blogging for money, then I recommend that you use this skin. The design is splendid for business purpose and you can find many areas to put your banners and ads without losing your blog appeal.

If you are running your blog for AdSense or affiliate marketing or looking for sponsored post, this skin is suitable for you. With the Cutting-Edge Customization options, you can fine-tune your blog/website to your need easily. It’s clean, responsive and seo-friendly and perhaps the only skin that you need.

The skin is developed by Thesislove.

Beautiful THESIS Skins 4

  • BLINK – With its dynamic layout and creative look, Blink is perfect for any designer, photographer, blogger, or hobbyist. Download at Themedy Themes.
  • NXFEARLESS – Beautiful portfolio skin by NeroThemes.
  • BYOB AGILITY – Plenty of customization options. Great skin by BYOB.
  • PROMO SKIN – Still good enough for 2015. Created by DIYThemes.

Beautiful THESIS Skins 5

  • READ SKIN – Simple yet awesome. Developed by Thesis Awesome.
  • PEARSONIFIED – A skin by Cris Pearson of DIYThemes.
  • THESISELEVEN40 – A popular responsive Thesis 2.1 Skin for blogs based on the 1140 Grid System. Skin by iCustomizeThesis.
  • PIN BLOG – A Pinterest like blog skin. Another creative job done by WP Thesis Skins.

Beautiful THESIS Skins 6

  • SMUTHY Fun and lively design. Download at Buy Thesis Skins.
  • MINIMALIST SKIN – I always love this skin. Clean and smooth. I use it on my other blog. You can get it too at WP Thesis Skins.
  • EXPRESSIVE – If you love blogging, you should love this skin too. Created by Thesis Love.
  • SEO PRO – A very, very simple Blog Thesis Skin for SEO Lovers. The skin was fully optimized with special SEO. In google page speed, this is the first skin which reaches 97/100. This skin was 100% checked for HTML5 validation and CSS3 Validation. Only at Buy Thesis Skins.

Nx Ribbon Thesis Skin

  • NXRIBBON – Another great portfolio skin for you from NeroThemes.


beauty magazine

Yet another magnificent skin from BuyThesis Skins and ideal for Adsense blogs. This skin has more than 10 Category Section in the front page. There are two option boxes and 3 advertisement section in the front page too. Entire things are occupied in the front page that would be very interesting for the audience.

To learn more about this skin, please visit BuyThesis Skins website.

What do you think? Did I manage to persuade you to download those skins? 😀 If you haven’t upgraded to Thesis Framework, do upgrade now. Enjoy this amazing WordPress Theme like you can never imagine.

It’s not just a WordPress theme. It’s THESIS!

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