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Blog Takeover?

The Take Over
Those who are familiar with this blog may notice me, Zurainny Ismail a.k.a. the Reluctant Shopper, writing here and visiting other blogs on behalf of DLSL. This is NOT a blog take-over, but a coup!  Hahaha, no lah, this is a smooth transition period where Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain will live up to its name which is :


For your info, blog owner and editor-in-chief, Ismail N has been extremely tied up with work and other matters lately and could only spare a little time for this darling blog. Therefore, I’m here to help out – sort of like, ehem, Interim General Manager or Housekeeper. Gaji ikut ‘piece rate‘ he he.. (Do refer to his postings on employment law if you wish to know the term better. :D)
human nature 2
My writing is a bit different than his. More feminine, so to speak. You will see more skincare product reviews and maybe matters of health, and of course, movies!  I do hope more ladies will drop by so that we could have a beautiful community here – flowers and bees. And guys, please do not feel left out – kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan.

Your visits, support, comments and ideas are highly appreciated. 😀

green light
I have already been given a ‘go-ahead‘ (lampu hijau) to turn this blog into a life-style blog. Will talk less about the law, HR and all that stuff. I hope readers of this blog won’t be disappointing to hear that. My darling boss has promised to contribute an article or two once in a while when he is free.  And to those who have questions on law and HR matters, don’t worry, Ismail N will always be here to help, just a bit late on posting the answers but he’ll try his best.

That’s our promise.


Here’s a bit about me:

I am Ismail N’s better half, his wife. That’s easy, some of you may have guessed that in a jiffy. We studied law together but therein lies the end of our similarities.  Where he’s big and tall, I’m petite and short.  He’s a natural sports person, I am total kaki-bangku.
monkey shy
And the list of our differences is very loooonng, but we are united about the important matters in our life, including keeping this blog going.  And now that I’m a full-time housewife, I think I can steal a bit of time here and there for DLSL and keep the momentum going.
cat says really

I hope you can accept me as tuan rumah in this blog from now on and feel free to share your thoughts here.  We love having you around and especially are delighted to see you faces (profile pics) on the comment section. 😀

Have a great day!

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Zurainny Ismail

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  • cik tom Reply

    that why lately entry blog more feminine…hehe
    good luck dear!

    December 12, 2015, 3:58 pm
    • Zurainny Ismail Reply

      Tqvm Cik Tom! Saya sgt berharap dapat menambah keceriaan dlm dunia blogger Malaysia…hehe…makeup, skincare, movies, etc… 😀 (En. Hubby pening kepala dah…)

      December 15, 2015, 3:56 am
  • Bijen M. Reply

    Sampai satu masa, para lelaki dah tak boleh deny support dari orang perempuan untuk keep moving.

    December 11, 2015, 4:43 pm
    • Ismail N Reply

      Absolutely. Masing-masing ada kelebihan. Why not berkerja sama? Teamwwork 😀

      December 13, 2015, 11:29 am
  • Tukang Kebun Reply

    Menarik juga tu sharing blog so you have many kinds of things to share about.
    Ada 2 pengacara dalam TV pun rasa lebih meriah dari 1 kan.

    December 11, 2015, 10:55 am
  • Sani Reply

    Oooo macam tu ka. Nama pun ada kena..dulu lain sekarang lain…Wishing you All the best!

    December 11, 2015, 7:34 am
  • Mus Reply

    kirim salam dengan bro Ismail N

    December 6, 2015, 11:40 pm
    • Zurainny Ismail Reply

      Insya-Allah En. Mus, terima kasih krn sudi mgunjungi blog kami. 😀 Senang2 nanti, blh la kita smua kupi2 di KK…

      December 7, 2015, 12:08 am
  • Nurul Shahira Reply

    Welcome tuan rumah. Eh. Haha.
    Will often drop by here 🙂

    December 4, 2015, 12:54 am
    • The Reluctant Shopper Reply

      Makaseh Nurul Shahira for your support! Pls do drop by often ya! (btw, dah enter GA ke? masi sempat lg…)

      December 4, 2015, 2:47 am