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How To Create A Good Blog How To Create A Good Blog
Recently I participated in a blogging contest (Malaysia Best Blog) in which I was required to list out 10 blogs that I think are... How To Create A Good Blog

How To Create A Good Blog

Recently I participated in a blogging contest (Malaysia Best Blog) in which I was required to list out 10 blogs that I think are among the best in Malaysia and give reasons for my selection. Listing out was tough and my reasons seem to vary from one blog to another, thus making me feel that my selection may not be as accurate as I wanted it to be.

So, as always, I searched the internet and looked for the best possible answer and I believe that I have found some criteria that could be useful to use as guidelines.

Maybe I could use them for next year, what do you think?

Here are the criteria that make ‘A Good Blog:

  • A Good Blog Must Have Good Content

  • A Good Blog Must Be Free From Plagiarism

  • A Good Blog Must Have Good Design

  • A Good Blog Must Connect With Its Audience

  • A Good Blog Must Pay Attention To SEO

  • The Owner of A Good Blog Must Enjoy Blogging

Good Blogs Must Have Good Content

What makes good content:

  • Original
  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • Accurate
  • Useful
  • Comprehensive
  • Shareable
  • Prominent
  • Unbiased

Content Is King

Content is king! This should always be the “general rule”, i.e. a good blog must have good content.

Although it may be subjective and open to debate what good content is, we should always pay attention to the quality of language used (grammar, spelling, etc) and how an article is presented.

Try to make it as clear and precise as possible and do choose a topic that can be useful and helpful for your readers.

To me, good content is normally informative, unbiased and unique.

When people read your article, they can immediately feel the power and effect of such good article.

Often, when I read a good blog with good contents, my mouth keep saying “Wah” or “OMG”.

It is really fascinating and educational.

It is like downloading information to your brain in the box office movie “The Matrix”. Only the download speed is slower and it is done unplugged. 😀

Another thing about good content, I think it must be relevant to the post and answer whatever issue you created on the title. For example, by the end of this article, you should have at least some ideas on how to create a good blog.

If not, then you can consider my piece here as not a good content. 🙁

Oh by the way, I also came across a wonderful tip by Kiss Metrics’ blog – that you should make your content easy to scan, so people can pick the important bits quickly.

Yup! They are right – people don’t just want answers, they want answers fast!

A Good Blog Must Be Free From Plagiarism

How To Create A Good Blog panda

A great blogger writes from his heart. He doesn’t need to copy from anyone and anywhere. It must be of his own words and ideas. It is ok to make reference to any particular sources.

However, such sources must be reliable and has a good reputation.

Furthermore, please note that Google had made it clear that they will not tolerate plagiarism and duplicate contents.

To reward quality site, they will take action against those who does not adhere to their requirements. In 2012, Google released algorithm update intended to punish copyright violators. So please take serious note on this and be careful!

To ensure that your article fits this requirement, do check its originality at Copyscape – a powerful tool yet FREE plagiarism checker.


  • Plan what to write
  • Do your research/reading
  • Write during your free time
  • Proof-read
  • Check at Copyscape
  • Post on your blog

A Good Blog Must Have Good Design

Looks can be deceiving sometimes but having a good blog design with fast loading time does help a blogger gain readers and followers. Nobody want to stick too long waiting for your blog to load or having to click all the pop-ups or banner that can be annoying.

To borrow the words from Chef Wan, these pop-up ads really can be “menjengkelkan”.

I know some of you probably use Uni-Fi or high speed broadband.

  • So, you might not be aware of how slow your blog is.
  • So, I suggest once in a while you check your blog at PageSpeed Insights.
  • At least try to get your score 50 and above!

Use FREE plugins like WP Smush and WP Super Cache to further increase your blog’s speed. Better if you can purchase premium WordPress theme or use WordPress Framework such as Thesis and Genesis.

They ROCK and you can immediately feel the difference.

Otherwise, keep your design as minimal as possible.

How To Create A Good Blog thesis

You can use banner to make your blog look more colourful and perhaps make money online (though I won’t be counting on that). Do keep in mind, not to over-do it and make your blog look cheap and as though you are desperate to sell something.

Your banner can also distract your readers from finding the information they want, which may make them leave immediately afterwards.

Important points:

  • Speed up your blog
  • No pop up
  • Not too many banners/advertising
  • Use Premium/minimalist theme if possible
  • Test your blog at PageSpeed Insights

A Good Blog Must Connect With Its Audience

How To Create A Good Blog connect

More often than not this is quite a daunting task for many bloggers. If you are running a blog with hundreds of comments per post, then it is almost impossible to answer all those comments.

Some of them might even be spammers and not worth your time.

So, pick a good time to answer.

Find a time when you are relaxed and ready to answer the question  well without offending anyone.

Some may ask you technical or difficult questions, so be careful and take your time to answer. Having a disclaimer page in your blog is also useful to ensure that nobody will blame you should you unintentionally give a wrong advice.

However, try your best not to give one (bad advice).

If you are not sure of the answers, just find a good way to avoid answering such questions without annoying anybody.

The important thing here is to connect and make the readers feel that the blog belongs to a human being and not just another bogus website to scam people.

There are plenty of them out them, so make sure your blog is not mistaken as one.

Don’t be lazy and please moderate your comments.

Spam must be filtered out as it can affect your page rank as well.

By the way, if you blogs does not receive any comment or respond, then you probably need to create an engaging and thought-provoking content.

You should check out some of the blog listed in my previous article for the ‘Malaysia Best Blog’ contest. Dato A Kadir, for example, is very good at creating such content.

You may also need to have a catchy headline that sparks interest and invites readers to join in.

According to statistic compiled by Copyblogger: Most people only read the headline! Well the others (about 20% ONLY) will read the rest of your content!

Connecting with audience:

  • Create thought provoking content
  • Use catchy headline
  • Filter spam
  • Answer comments without offending your readers
  • Use “comment reply” plugin to inform readers that their comment has been answered
  • Give good and honest answers to readers’ questions

A Good Blog Must Pay Attention To SEO

How To Create A Good Blog SEO

SEO Expert or Pakar SEO

If you are a blogger then you must have at least a basic knowledge of SEO. This will provide a chance for your blog to be found by people and not just artificial intelligence. What’s the point of having a blog if you do not want to share it?

You might as well write it in your diary since it is cheaper and have better privacy.

SEO is teachable and not just for tech-savvy people.

Google and other search engines have also made SEO less complex and fun for honest and real bloggers.

Link buildings and “black hat” SEO are things of the past.

All you need to know is how to make simple optimization on your blog and you are ready to compete with all the rest.

Just make sure you write a good article and let Google take care of the rest.

You might also want to try free tools like Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and Google Keyword Tool.

That will help you to find the right keyword to use for your article.

Remember the more competitive the keyword is the harder for you to outrank your competitor.

According to Brian Dean, there are 200 ranking factors! However, you may not necessarily need to apply them all, unless you want to compete in a highly competitive keyword.

Here are some of the things that you should consider applying in your blog:

  • Use TLD Domain
  • Keyword in Title Tag
  • Write a long content (preferably 1,500 and above)
  • Keyword in Description Tag
  • Increase your blog speed
  • Check for duplicate content
  • Check for broken link
  • Leverage SEO-Friendly Permalink URLs
  • Start Title With Keyword
  • Avoid Getting Penalized (don’t spam & avoid linking with ‘spammy’ websites/blog)
  • Use images/multimedia (See explanation below)
  • Use quality outbound links (Government link, Edu or Wikipedia for example)
  • Include targeted keyword at least once in an H2 or H3 subheading
  • Optimize your image (use Alt Text)
  • Post in the most relevant page category
  • Mobile-Friendly (use responsive theme)
  • Use reliable hosting with higher up-time/Use ServerFreaks 😀
  • Use Google Webmaster Tool – submit sitemap, set geographic target
  • Use ‘Error Page’ – See example HERE. Use Thesis Framework to easily create your error page.

Add Picture/Medias To Your Blog

How To Create A Good Blog media

Most of you know what the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” means right? It has been repeated many times, so I don’t need to provide you with any definition any more.

The main point is pictures/videos/media can help explain your points more accurately.

I have previously written an article about “How To Play Tenpin Bowling Correctly”. Without any picture and video, I don’t think any of my readers would have any idea what I was trying to explain to them.

So do use pictures when necessary.

Note that Google loves picture/video too.

It can help you to get good placing in SERP as well.

Enjoy Blogging

Last but not least, you should always enjoy writing for your blog. Do not be too stressed or pay too much attention on the monetary side. The income will come as your blog grows and getting recognised by internet users.

Remember that it is not the quantity that defines whether your blog is good or not, or getting good rank on Google, but it is the quality.

You won’t get that quality if you try too hard and force yourself to do it.

I hope this article has answered the question “How to create a good blog”, more or else. Should you have the desire to improve your blog, you might find the above useful, I hope.

Thank you for reading this blog. Happy blogging everyone!

Ismail N

ISMAIL N is the Chief Blogger/Blog Owner. An HR practitioner in his normal daily life & a casual blogger in his free time. Addicted to coffee, Man Utd and Pokemon Go (TL40). Most easily accessed via his Twitter account.

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