DMCA Takedown Notice

DMCA Takedown Notice

As mentioned in our previous post, we have decided to let go a few of our websites so that we could prioritize on DLSL. Little did we know that it would result in us submitting our first ever DMCA Takedown notice last month. It was accepted by the web hosting provider and immediately after the 48 hours notice, the website that infringed our copyright materials was taken down and was no longer accessible on the internet.

Thank you to Bluehost for their kind cooperation and prompt action.

DMCA suspend

Copyright Infringement

Prior to this, we have had many of our materials being copied and pasted all over the internet without our prior consent nor credited back to us. Well, never mind about that, because we treat those as knowledge-sharing and do not want to make a big deal about it.

However, that website has taken the copyright infringement into a whole new level. Basically all the contents posted are our stuff including the articles, photos and even the logo! We spent so many hours writing the articles, took the photos ourselves or purchased it from the royalty free image websites. We even paid an advertisement agency to create the logo and that guy just reused everything, without our consent. Damn!

Drafting DMCA Takedown Notice

Hence, we decided to take action. After compiling all the evidence, I drafted the DMCA Takedown notice and emailed to Bluehost.

DMCA letter

Protect Your Copyright

To those who are facing similar problems and not happy with the situation, please know that you can do something about it. You can check through WHOIS to identify the culprit and the server that hosts the content. Google the DMCA Takedown notice template and email it to the hosting provider. That’s all. No need to hire a lawyer or pay anything to anyone.

Protect your copyright and say no to piracy. We hope that’s the end of this saga.

4 thoughts on “DMCA Takedown Notice

    1. Tulaa…. Kalau setakat 1 artikel saja, masi blh tahan. Tapi bila dorang copy lebih separuh dr artikel dlm blog + gmbr, tu pasal terpaksa bertindak. Mgkn kalau kami diam ja, semua artikel dorang sapu.

    1. Ya, kena buat juga sbb dia sapu semua artikel lama & kami x dpt contact, x ada petak komen atau emel. Mula2 penat juga kami fikir mcm nak address isu ni…. Mudah2an selesai sampai di sini.

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