Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Whether you blog for fun or money, having visitors to your website is the most important thing. I mean, what’s the point of having a blog without anyone reading it? You might as well write in your diary or personal note book.

No need to switch on your PC or laptop, connect to internet, register and designing your blog or write intensively/extensively.

Of course, when you’re blogging for money, the need to drive traffic to your blog becomes more imperative. 

While it may not be accurate all the time but basically more traffic means more money. More money means more success for you are as a blogger.

The Common Ways of Driving Traffic To Blogs

There are many methods of driving traffic to blogs. They are well written on the internet and many of you have probably implemented them and have better results than me. My hats-off to those who have achieved success in their implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique.

This is quite a difficult technique to master yet I see many bloggers have done really well.

To those using paid service, you should only continue doing so if the method works for you and that your income is bigger than your cost.

Do try experimenting with different techniques, I’m pretty sure you will get the right result for you, be it sooner or later.

The Best Traffic Tip

I have been scouring through the internet over the past few weeks looking for the traffic tip and I must say, there’s not one who can give me better advice than Mr. Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the best place for SEO tips and tricks.

This guy is the real deal and he really knows what he is talking about. I just wish I can be half as good as him. 🙁

So what does Mr Brian say?

Well, the first thing you need to do is produce high quality content.

Ok, I can feel people leaving my blog now… 

Producing high quality content is not the kind of advice many would want to listen.

The common consensus among bloggers is producing a high quality content is only for the top guys.

  • We simply can’t do it.

  • We are not going to do it.

  • It’s such a waste of time even thinking about it

So, you go back to your blog and keep doing what you’re doing for the rest of your life or your blog life, whichever comes first.

Don’t worry.

It’s fine.

Nobody is going to question your choice.

In fact, nobody has the right to do so.

Alternatively, we can continue reading what Mr Brian has written in his blog. The powerful Backlinko blog that generates so much traffic everyday and all of them are organics!

content is king

So what is high quality content?

The general perception is:

Well written and researched article with over 1,000 words.

Is that ALL?

Hmm.. hell NO! Here’s what Brian said on his blog:

There are WAY too many people in internet marketing today that think “great content” is enough. They say, “if I publish great stuff, people will naturally link to me”. If only it were that easy…

So, in his own admission, writing a great content is NOT ENOUGH! So got to do better than that!

Nonetheless, writing a great content will still help you rank higher in the search engine ranking position (SERP) if you apply the right SEO technique. So, NO HARM in doing that either.

In case you wish to learn what the ranking factors are, do check out Brian’s posting in: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List.

It’s an awesome article.

Everyone should read it, whether you’re a blogger or not!

Now what is better than great content? What is the high quality content that Brian is talking about?

Here’s what he wrote:

It’s content so awesome, so incredible, and so useful that people can’t help but login to their WordPress dashboard and add a link to your site.


There it is. I have copied and pasted it here for you. The article must be:

  1. Awesome
  2. So Incredible
  3. So Useful

.. that people can’t help but login to their WordPress dashboard and add a link to your site.

Ahaaaa.. that’s the most important part! Making people share your article and link to your blog.

The Skyscraper Technique

Now, how to create an awesome, incredible and useful article?

In his blog, Brian suggests that we use “The Skyscraper Technique”.  There are 3 basic steps to The Skyscraper Technique:

  • Step 1: Find link-worthy content
  • Step 2: Make something even better
  • Step 3: Reach out to the right people

The trick is to find interesting topic to write that people will share. Then, you try to make it even better. For example, if you think that one of the article in my blog is interesting or link worthy, then you should try to write the same topic even better.

Much, much better than I did.

Brian explained in his blog why it will work. Putting it in metaphor, Brian wrote:

Have you ever walked by a really tall building and said to yourself: “Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder how big the 8th tallest building in the world is.” Of course not.  It’s human nature to be attracted to the best. And what you’re doing here is finding the tallest “skyscraper” in your space…and slapping 20 stories to the top of it. All of a sudden YOU have the content that everyone wants to talk about (and link to).


There are many ways to find link-worthy content.  Try:

Do read Brian’s How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days and see how he identified the topic that he wants to write.

Read carefully and see how he does it.

You might want to start with a simple one first and a topic that you are familiar with.


What’s The Next Step?

So look for link-worthy content and write. It’s that all?

Well, apparently NO!

As Brian mentioned in his article, you need to better the article.

So, you need to do some research and brainstorming before you even start your first paragraph.

Plan careful or you’re going to spend more of your precious time producing nothing (that’s worthy for your blog)!

How to make it better?

Here are the general rule:

  1. Make it longer
  2. Make more up to date
  3. Better Design
  4. More Thorough

According to Brian, you must beat the existing content on every level : length, design, current information etc. This will make it objectively clear that you have the better piece of content.

Google ranking factor

Reach out to the right people

This is the part many people (myself included) struggle to master. Brian recommends that we e-mail site owners that have already linked-out to similar content.

It’s sort of like giving them a friendly heads up about your clearly superior content.


This is not an easy thing to do.

Even a powerful guy like Brian only managed to get 11% success rate.

So we should be thankful if we can get closer to 5%, I guess. 😀

To find the right people, Brian suggests we use tools such as, Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. I believe many of you have already used them.

Let’s Try It Alright?

Ok, now it is our time to implement it in our blog. I have now a few topics in my mind to get started with. I hope I can manage to do it at least half as good as Brian.

How about you?

Wanna drive traffic to your blog like Brian did?

Think about it.

It’s about time we take our blogging skills into a new level.

28 thoughts on “Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

  1. This is what I would recommend to use as a mix of driving traffic:

    1. SEO
    2. Bing Ads, Adwords, Facebook Ads (Coupons Method)
    3. PPV (Pay Per View Traffic)
    4. Email Marketing
    5. Media Buys (If you find the right sites)

    if you are doing SEO make sure you use Original High Quality content for your Website & the backlinks you create (Its highly important these days).

    Let me know what you think?

    1. Saya pun bukannya mahir sangat BI tetapi kena rajin cuba.. insya-allah boleh improve.
      English ini bahasa ilmu, maka kena lah kita cuba mempelajarinya. All the best…

  2. I’m doing my best to keep my entry in good quality so I can reduce the bounce rate and have a friendly seo with search engine. normally, spend more than 1 hour to produce one entry. and I’m lovin it 🙂

  3. Hi Ismail

    I’m to big fan of Brian learned many things from him and got some success following his methods which I have not tried this method of emailing others because we need to prepare an good detailed post which must be more then the post we’re targeting and good to recollect the news from your post hope to join on your community..

    1. Agree with you Shameem,

      Of all the method that Brian suggested, the e-mailing part (link begging as he said :D) is the most difficult to master. I think it will take lot of confidence in our self that our article is so good that we could recommend other people to link to our site/page.

  4. This is really a very informative and impressive piece of writing. And I did click on the link to Brian’s page. Everyday I hope I can write something like did, but of course I am aware, it will be time-consuming because one must do thorough research before writing something like this and something like Brian has written.

    Simply awesome.

    1. It’s worth it bro if we can produce articles like Brian. Not necessary on SEO or blogging topic but any topic that can help increase traffic tremendously and consistently. No need to produce article on daily or weekly basis.

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