Entries are Officially Closed – DLSL Human Nature Holiday Giveaway


This Giveaway Contest officially ended at midnight last night and I’m very touched by your support, even though I’m a nobody and new caretaker of this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learned a thing or two about the intricacies of holding a blog GA.

It’s definitely not easy, you know!

But that doesn’t deter me from wanting to do more Giveaways in the near future and to do it better.

>> Senarai Nama Peserta Giveaway <<

Mixed Up!

In the previous entry, I got a few of the participants’ categories mixed up, namely Rasazziana & Aisya. I apologize for the mistake, and please don’t worry because the errors will be rectified.

Ni baru GA kecil, kalau GA besar mcm yg bloggers taiko buat tu entahlah mcm mn ye….???

Human Nature Malaysia

Therefore, I would like to inform that subject to final verification by our sponsor Human Nature Malaysia and us, the entries that have followed the rules and are entitled to be selected as winners of our Human Nature Holiday Giveaway via random.org will be announced in a couple of days followed by our announcement of winners on the following day.

Sorry for the delay ya everybody….kasi suspen sikit!

Sememangnya pemilihan pemenang selepas pengesahan adalah random dan sepatutnya mudah, tapi manalah tau admin ni leka atau nyanyuk, ada yang termiss atau tersilap lagi, so admin bagi chance pada sesiapa yang ingin bagi komen atau bantahan untuk emel admin selewat-lewatnya pada Selasa, 8 Disember 2015…..(minta2 tak ada ya… 😀)

Giveaway Q&A

Sekiranya tiada sebarang bantahan atau soalan, pemenang akan dipilih berdasarkan senarai yang akan diumumkan kelak.  So, contestants, do stay tuned SEBAB you got to reply to our email with your postal address within 72 hours after the email is sent.

Thereafter, our generous sponsor, Human Nature Malaysia will deliver the hampers to the winners.

All the best to everyone & thank you so much for participating & for your patience! 😀

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