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Over the past few months, I have received many e-mails on this ‘guest blogging’ thingy. I think I have rejected some and approved some. I admit that I never had a clear policy on this and kept changing my mind on this matter. I think it is time to lay down the rules on guest blogging on this blog.

Those interested in publishing your article as guest author here should read carefully and ensure that you understand each line.

Do read my TOC and Privacy Policy as well before submitting your article.

Don’t tell me that you have not been warned! 😀

My guest blogging rules are simple and easy to follow (See below). Note that, if you own a blog and want to get recognition among fellow bloggers, you are most welcomed here.

I must say that I strongly discourage link builders and product promoters. Sorry!

Nonetheless, if you still wish to promote your product or website, you can still do that by contacting me at

That will be treated as ‘sponsored post’.

Please ‘google’ the internet if you don’t understand what it means 😉

Those who only wish to publish their work as guest blogger, the following rules MUST be adhered to:

  1. The article must be in ENGLISH only.
  2. The article must be under the following niches ONLY: Blogging, Coffee, Starbucks, Online Jobs, Manchester United, Foods, Travel, Finance or Photography.
  3. The article must be UNIQUE (It has never been published elsewhere). I will do the checking on this.
  4. The article must at least have 300 words.
  5. Sorry, I don’t give any backlink to your blog from within the content, but…
  6. You will be given a do-follow backlink from author bio section. This link will be given to the homepage of your own blog/website, not to any other source of your choice.
  7. I reserve the right to either accept or decline the post after reviewing.
  8. I reserve the right to edit or remove any contents that I deem to be unnecessary or unsuitable to my blog readers.
  9. The article must be written in an interesting style. Dull posts with outdated topics and grammatical errors will not be accepted.
  10. Post must be submitted under most relevant category. Minimum of three relevant tags should also be added to the post.

If you are still interested, please e-mail your article to

Submissions are generally reviewed within 7 days but if there are high numbers of submissions, it may take even longer in some cases.

Lastly but not least, I will personally look into several factors such as quality, post length, structure, etc.,  so please try your best to write your post well before submitting it to me.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to receiving submission from you.

Have a great day and happy blogging.

Guest Blogging

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  1. Tapi for me lah, guest blogging ni memang salah satu cara nak buat link… Tapi rasanya as long as content dia ohsem bagi benefit dekat blog tu, rasanya ok kot… Pendapat humble hambalah…

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