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Happy 9 Years’ Anniversary with ServerFreak

by Ismail N   ·  1 month ago   ·  

Next month will be the ninth year that we have been using ServerFreak Web Hosting service. I had wrote many times about them in the past, hence no reason for me to repeat what they can do or cannot do in this post. Go type ‘ServerFreak‘ on the search box on the top right column and hit enter. I even wrote a special review for them.

I started blogging as a family project way back in the early 2000. Taught myself simple html codes and then used Microsoft FrontPage as the primary software to create my blogs. I can’t remember what Ftp software that I used to upload the files. It seems like ages now. Blogging has been made easy, thanks largely to WordPress. Less coding and basic understanding of CSS will do. In fact, zero coding is required but if you have some knowledge, it does help in terms of customizing the blog in accordance to your taste.


In the beginning, I started with free hosting. Spaces are limited and of course you are given sub-domains only. Not cool la like that 😊. Things get serious when I got involved with online marketing. Here, I started to invest a bit on the paid hosting and custom domain name. I parked my first paid domain at GoDaddy.Com. Soon, I moved to one web hosting to another, mostly Malaysian-based companies, until I settled with ServerFreak.

After 9 years, I can safely say that I’m really happy with ServerFreak and have no intention of switching to another company again. Of course, it has its own shortcomings but nothing serious to lead me to look for other alternative. Customer service has been good with prompt replies even during MCO.

So here’s for another 9 years with ServerFreak.




  1. Long journey with Server Freak.

  2. Tahniah bro. Setia pd yg satu. Sy guna domain yg dibeli dari netkl sejak 2014. So far so good sbb sy cuma guna blogger hosting.

  3. pernah juga guna servis serverfreak, memang customer service diorang sangat pantas dan puashati

  4. Mohamad shahril

    Assalamualikum tuan…saya nk bertanya saya ada mendapat writ saman dr bank sekarang saya tengah berbincang dengan pihak bank untuk membayar tunggakan secara ansuran dan dalam process..jika pembincangan saya dengan pihak bank berjaya adakah writ saman itu boleh ditarik balik?

    1. W’salam. Jika anda sudah berjumpa bank, biasanya anda akan diberitahu apa tindakan lanjut oleh bank.
      Appreciate jika para pembaca membuat komen di artikel yang relevan. Terima kasih.


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