Is Nuffnang Good e-Nuff ? Or Does AdSense Makes More Sense?


As discussed in my previous post:  A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense, getting a satisfactory compensation from Nuffnang seems an impossible feat.  It is so much easier to open an account with Nuffnang, than to get sufficient sum to cash out even though the threshold is very low – about RM50 only.  The best way to get better and more payments is to be a Nuffnang Gliterrati.  A Gliterrati gets many bonuses, compared to an ordinary Nuffnang blogger.

Nuffnang Gliterrati

Among the ‘extras’ that a Nuffnang Gliterrati gets is the advertorial opportunities, the community events that they’re invited to and a few other perks.  Nuffnang can act as agents for bloggers by helping to find the perfect brand to promote.  However, since most events are held in KL and its surrounding areas, then those of us living far, far away, most probably would not get to experience those benefits.  And if you’re not keen on having a glamorous life and a huge following, advertorial opportunities might not come to you easily despite your site’s huge traffic.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to stick with AdSense and dropped Nuffnang a while back.  So, while waiting for better income from Nuffnang, many bloggers would put up AdSense ads on their site to optimize revenue.  However, does having Adsense ads disqualify a blogger from getting Gliterrati status?

Is Adsense considered by Nuffnang as ‘competitor’?

Nuffnang explains:

Nuffnang Ads do not look like Google Ads, are neither contextual nor formatted in any way to look like Google Ads or search boxes so you should not have a problem with putting on Nuffnang Ads on the same page as Google Adsense. Do refer to the Google Adsense Program Policies for further details.

Vague – but I believe it to mean that Adsense is not considered as a ‘competitor’ and therefore, a blogger can have both ad networks on his/her site and still be eligible to become a Gliterrati.  This belief is also shared by an ex-Gliterrati, Blissful Life .  As far as I know, Adsense also has no problem with other ad networks, in fact some experienced bloggers even believe that the competition is good for income.

AdSense vs Nuffnang

There are many benefits enjoyed by bloggers who has an Adsense account.  Besides getting some income from Adsense, it also gives personalized reports from which a blogger can see the number of unique visitors, page views, visitors’ countries, etc, updated every minute of the day.  In short, the blogger will get to gauge and understand the blog’s performance and from those information, a blogger can also strategize and optimize his next action.  Adsense statistics/analytics and Nuffnang really differs – a lot.

No CPUV For AdSense, No Fraud Click!

Adsense also pays for clicks and there are no CPUV that I know of.  And they are very, very strict in terms of policy adherence.  There is no way around Google Adsense except to be honest and play by the rule.  Absolutely no blogroll or getting friends to click on ads on your site – your account will be suspended or worst, closed and all income remaining in the account forfeited.

Wide Array Of Advertisments

The good thing about Adsense is the wide array of advertisements and those advertisements usually matches either our posts, niche, or our visitor’s search – and it caters to all countries in the world.

adsense ads

However, if you really want to make a living out of your blog then you must not rely merely on ads from Adsense and Nuffnang, affiliate marketing or online auction should be the way.

The comparison between Nuffnang vs Adsense may seem unfair almost like David vs Goliath, Tom vs Jerry, and so on, but anything is possible.  In conclusion, Nuffnang and Adsense do not contradict each other – they can work together to help us generate revenue for our blogs.

Is Nuffnang Good e-Nuff ?  Or Does AdSense Makes More Sense?

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    1. Yup, should be that way. I lost my Glitterati status not long ago and I think it is not because of AdSense but because of Adverlets which is a direct competitor to Nuffnang.

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