Malaysia Social Media Week 2016

Malaysia Social Media Week 2016

We received quite a pleasant surprise email last week. It was from the Secretariat of Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 (MSMW2016). The short content of the email read as follows:

Dear Blog Owner,


A reader of your blog has nominated you for the Malaysia Social Media Week Awards in conjunction with Malaysia Social Media Week 2016. We hope this notification will encourage you further to continue and remain connected with us. Do check the latest status of your nomination at

We wish you Good Luck!

Malaysia Social Media Week Website

A check at MSMW2016 did not show our blog there. Ahh.. could be a spam, we thought, though the email looked valid.

Then two days ago, another email arrived. It says “Your Nomination has been approved“.

MSMW2016 Nomination

This time, we could see our blog listed in the nomination:

Best Content Blog

There it is.

Nominated for ‘Best Content Blog‘ and up against heavyweights like Paultan.Org.

monkey shy

Thank you to the person who nominated us, whomever and wherever s/he may be. We are truly honoured. Never mind the fact that we are unlikely to win it…

But at least, there are people out there who appreciate our work and effort that we put into this blog.

Thank you.

If you have a Facebook account and want to vote for us (can only start voting from 25th January 2016 2nd February 2016), you can do it HERE.

Have a great day everyone! 😀

17 thoughts on “Malaysia Social Media Week 2016

    1. Erggh.. Thank you bro. Mudah-mudahan kandungan blog ni benar-benar bermanafaat dan membantu pembaca semua. Itu target kami.

    1. Yup, hebat2 termasuk blog AhmadFizal yang bekas champion tu. All the best bro. Semoga dapat menambah koleksi kejayaan dalam dunia blogging.

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