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While participating in Malaysia Best Blog 2015 contest, I also took some time spying on other contestants. He he.. Most of them writes very... Malaysian THESIS Blogs

Thesis Framework

While participating in Malaysia Best Blog 2015 contest, I also took some time spying on other contestants. He he.. Most of them writes very well and are good at SEO. No wonder, I’m trailing way behind them and it looks like I have a mountain to climb if I want to win it.

  • Since my subscription with Ahrefs is only a free one, so my spying mission is very limited.
  • I can only know a little of what people like Hasrul and Kucha lana are doing.

So, I decided to abort the mission and do other things that interest me.

One of them is finding blogs in Malaysia that use THESIS Framework. I don’t see many of them among the Malaysia Best Blog 2015 contestants.

So I googled the internet to find some more…

Thesis Framework users

THESIS Framework

I know THESIS Framework is quite expensive and some don’t think it is worth to install it. However, in my humble opinion, it is the best WordPress theme out there.

  • I thoroughly enjoy using it and I don’t think I would ever change to another theme again.
  • I love the speed and the various functions inside the theme.

Most of all, I love their technical support which is first class and very helpful. They seem to be working around the clock and respond to you ASAP.

Malaysian THESIS Blogs

I found several Malaysian THESIS blogs when googling the internet. I think there are more out there but I don’t have the time to look at every one of them.

  • If you happen to use THESIS in your blog, do notify me and I will list your blog here.
  • We can have a Malaysian THESIS Blog Group and share info about this theme.

Maybe we can share the skins and boxes too, though we do need to check the licence first. 😀



BloggInspired.Com is a blog run by blogger Saimi Ramlan who writes mostly about blogging and job interview topics. Saimi is a Computer Technician who currently reside in Johor.

  • His blog uses Criss Cross Skin developed by Thesis Laboratory.
  • A very beautiful skin indeed.
  • Do check it out.

Blog Mohd Isa

Blog Mohd Isa

Blog.MohdIsa.Com is another blog that uses Criss Cross Skin by Thesis Laboratory. It seems that this skin is a popular choice among thesis users.

  • I notice several ‘mat salleh‘ bloggers also using this skin.
  • I keep the zip file of this skin inside my hard drive and haven’t decided which of my blogs should use this skin.
  • This blog is run by blogger Mohd Isa Ahmad Azan.

work at home malaysia

Work At Home Malaysia

This blog is managed by otai blogger/IM, Roseli A. Bakar. I don’t know what skin he’s using but it is such a powerful one. The skin has been customized/optimized for online marketing purposes.

Work At Home Malaysia blog is a must read for serious affiliate marketer.



Another Malaysian IM that uses thesis for his blog. His blog, Multees is packed with powerful info on affiliate marketing and online business. Plenty of SEO tips too.

  • Cool thesis skin but again I’m not sure what skin he’s using.
  • Look like Criss Cross though.

Pakar Bisnes

Pakar Bisnes

As the name suggest, this is a business blog with online business as its main subject matter. Pakar Bisnes is run by blogger Nasrul Hanis who is also a property expert. I think he’s using customized Classic Responsive skin.

Haru Elie

Haru Elie
If you need someone to design your logo, banner, etc for your blog, then this is the place.

Visit Haru Elie today. 😀

Suzardi Maulan

Blog Suzardi Maulan

A very popular investment blog among Malaysians, Pakdi.Net is written by a group of bloggers led by Suzardi Maulan, an Islamic Financial Planner (IFP). They focus mostly on personal financial planning and investment in Malaysia.

That’s all for now.. I will update the list from time to time..

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