Money Matters: What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense

What Is Google AdSense?

I first knew about Google AdSense about 6 years ago when I decided to look for part time income to supplement my full time job salary as an executive in a private limited company in KK.

With Paypal and Clickbank still unwilling to open their doors for Malaysian bloggers and internet marketers, the only attractive option at that time in by involving in PPC program likes Google AdSense.

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After all, getting a Google AdSense account at that time was so easy.

All you need to do is to create a Google account such as Blogger or Gmail and automatically you can have an AdSense account as well.

You also don’t need to worry about the contents and the competition was not as stiff as today.

AdSense Cheque

My first AdSense cheque arrived only about six months later.

I think it was about USD 100 ++ only.

Still, it meant a lot to me and since then I managed to consistently generate income from Google AdSense.

Of course, I have my ups and downs. My biggest pay cheque was close to USD 1000 and there were times when I didn’t get anything from Google AdSense for a few months.

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I even got an account banned and had to re-apply for a new account.

However, as you use Google’s AdSense more and more, you will begin to learn from past mistakes, and you will slowly begin to realize which of your actions kept your site from reaching its full potential.


Creating many AdSense pages, getting higher CTR and CPC are among the things that I need to pay attention to. My goal for 2013 is to get USD10,000 per month from Google AdSense.

I think it is a realistic target, don’t you think?

So, What Is Google AdSense……

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In case you’re a newbie and have little idea about Google AdSense, let me give you a brief introduction.

First of all: What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers (website owners/bloggers) of content sites in the Google Network to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.

These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

In short, Google AdSense is a program that requires you to do the following:-

  1. You create your own website/blog
  2. Apply for Google AdSense account 3.
  3. Put an ‘AdSense Codes’ at your blog
  4. Codes’ becomes ads in your blog/website
  5. People come and click the ads
  6. You earn money from every click.

Got it? 😀

Now let me get straight to the MOST important part:



Google’s AdSense is a great program but it relies on you respecting a few set rules. The most vital rule of all is not to create “artificial clicks” through any means possible.

  • Never ever click your own links,
  • never ask your friends or loved ones to click the links and
  • never, by any means have in your website contents encouraging the visitors to click the links.

If you break this rule, you’ll risk being permanently banned, and that will definitely damage your revenue.

Trust me, you don’t want to put yourself in such trouble especially when it is difficult to create a new account these days.

Just ask this HIM and HIM.

Program Policies and T&C

You also need to study all other rules such as the program policies and T&C.

Do visit Google AdSense and check out the info on those two. It’s quite easy to find out or else check out this GUY’S ARTICLE.

It sums up almost every important thing that you need to know.

Now that I have explained to you What Google AdSense Is and tell you something about the rules;

the next step is to ask yourself whether Google AdSense is the type of program that suits you.

It is imperative to ask this question because despite all the good things you heard about Google AdSense, not many actually succeed in making money from it.

Some even have their account since 2006 and yet to cash out a single cent.

Some got their account banned even before they managed to cash out their payment.


Joining Google AdSense

You can read all the tricks and tips on Google AdSense on the internet but the biggest secret lies within yourself.

Are you up to it?

Before you join Google AdSense marketing business and start earning some good cash, maybe you could ask yourself:

Did you enjoy writing when you were in school?

If you answer yes to this question, you already have an initial advantage over most internet marketing business owners that want to make money online and doing it at home.

A huge advantage indeed especially nowadays as the Penguin and Panda rules the Google Algorithm and contents are the true KING of search engine placement.

If you can write good articles and make Google love them and put them on the top of Google Search Engine, then half of your work is done.

Having said that and although your answer to the above question is an affirmative YES, you still need to learn all the tricks and tips used by other Google AdSense marketers. While ability to write is an advantage, you will still lose to others if you do not apply the right technique for this program.


You must learn SEO and how to get traffic to your website. More traffic means more chances of your ads being clicked and more income for you.

Remember all those 6 things that I wrote when explaining ‘What Is Google AdSense?’.

You only get the money when someone clicks the ads on your blog/website.

Generating Google AdSense Income


One of the freaking things that a newbie has to learn when working on Google AdSense income is that you need an awful lot of pages to generate good AdSense income.

Pay attention on keyword research, CTR  and CPC) as they will be the key to your success in this program.

Create a lot of niche blogs that can potentially create high CTR and CPC .

A niche blog that have PV less than 8,000 per month is still capable of generating more than a blog with 50k ++ PV if the CPC and CTR is good. Personals won’t work for AdSense, in my experience.

Writing personal thingy like the kids first day at school or about my thoughts on Anugerah Juara Lagu won’t generate high CPC.

It may bring high traffic but not the high click rate.

Check out some of best WordPress Themes for Adsense:

To be honest, this blog only provide me approximately USD 30 to 40 per month for Google AdSense despite having PV more than 40k every month.

In fact the only reason I put AdSense code in this blog is because I thought the ads will make the blog more colourful and attractive. 😀 Otherwise, it is not wise to have it in a personal blog.

There are lots of competition from other PPC program for Google AdSense these days.

I read about people making money from Nuffnang for example which is good and I applaud.

For me, Google AdSense is the best simply because the ads are more related to our contents and adapted to the viewers’ locality.

If you write about coffee, most probably you’ll get Starbucks or Coffee Beans ads, if you write about travel, you probably get Air Asia or Karambunai Resort ads, so on and so forth.

So, your blog will look more professional and useful to your readers.

The ads indirectly help them to find more info about the particular subject they were looking for before they ended up at your blog.

Western Union

Payment Dan Withdrawal Of Income

Since 2 or 3 years ago, AdSense has allowed the publishers to withdraw via Western Union.

This is by far more convenient and cost effective than using cheques. I still remember the time when cheque is the only option. I had to wait for the cheque to be posted to my house which took about two weeks.

Then the cheque must be deposited into my account (no cash cheque issued) which is in KK.

The Bank will then send it back to Google’s bank at US which took another two weeks. After verification is completed, then they credit into my account, which means I only get the money one month after the cheque was issued.

The worst part, there was a hefty deduction for bank charges.

If your cheque is only USD 100, you will only get about USD75. That’s a lot, especially if you struggle for the AdSense income.

However with Western Union the cash out is much faster and the charges are very much lower.

One thing that I love about Google AdSense and other PPC program is that you don’t have to deal with any customer. You are not selling anything except the space in your website/blog. I have tried affiliate marketing and selling goods at e-Bay.

Things can be smooth when everything is in order but it can get ugly when something goes wrong. There are many buyers out there who are quite fussy or affiliate programs that suddenly gave up their support and leave you with a lot of headaches.

I have other things to think of and I certainly don’t enjoy confrontation. Google AdSense is the best way to get an income without having too many problems to deal with.

Plus, I can do it by doing what I love best: WRITING!.

 – Money Matters: What Is Google AdSense?

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  1. Alhamdulillah google adsense bisa manambah penghasilan untuk keluarga..walau belum banyak karena memang harus memperbaiki entri dan SEO agar visitornya juga banyak.
    Terima kasih atas perkongsiannya yang bermanfaat ini sahabat

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