Sunday,20 August,2017

Blogging & SEO

Malaysia First

I just did a keyword research for ‘Malaysia First‘ on Jaaxy. Malaysia First generates an average of 36 number of searches monthly, which is quite low for me to use at the moment. Nonetheless, it [...]

DareBoost – Online Tool For Website Analysis

If you are concerned about your website/blog’s performance (like me), then you might want to check out DareBoost, a cool and easy-to-use online tool for website analysis. Just enter your URL and let them scan [...]

25 Beautiful THESIS Skins for 2016

I don’t know about you but to me THESIS theme ROCKS! Every penny spent on thesis is worth it because it is such a beautiful and powerful WordPress theme. If you don’t know how to [...]

Malaysian THESIS Blogs

While participating in Malaysia Best Blog 2015 contest, I also took some time spying on other contestants. He he.. Most of them writes very well and are good at SEO. No wonder, I’m trailing way [...]

A Score On GTMetrix Speed Test

Finally, I did it. After several days of tweaking my blog, I have finally managed to score “A” on GTMetrix Speed Test. I got 90% score on page speed grade and 93% on YSlow grade [...]

How To Create A Good Blog

Recently I participated in a blogging contest (Malaysia Best Blog) in which I was required to list out 10 blogs that I think are among the best in Malaysia and give reasons for my selection. [...]

Terselit Dalam Carta Ashadee

Jika ada kerjaya yang paling tidak sesuai bagi saya, saya rasa pastilah “salesman” atau jurujual. Mengapa? Kerana saya memang tidak pandai dalam soal memujuk pelanggan memberi sebarang produk atau servis. Malah, bukan sahaja dalam kehidupan [...]

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Selecting Malaysia Best Blog 2015 is one of the first tasks that I must do this year. Out of millions of blogs in this country, there should be one that stands out from the rest. [...]

Super Spammy SEO Giveaway Worth $3,000

I’m NO SEO expert (Pakar SEO Malaysia) and I don’t really dwell in this SEO thingy. Nonetheless, I love to read about SEO and its development. It is really facsinating! SEO freaks like Kris Jones, [...]