Pinterest And Me


Recently I decided to join the latest frenzy in social media sites – Pinterest. Having spent many hours surfing the past week or two, I must confess I still have no idea what I’m searching for at Pinterest. However, I do enjoy looking at the photos that members pinned over there. If you browse through the photography section, I’m pretty sure you will be amazed by the quality of photos they have submitted at the site. See some of the photos that I have pinned below.

There are so beautiful, aren’t they?

Pinterest photos

If you like motoring, do check out some of the cool cars and motorbikes at the website. You can find anything from Ford GTR, Mustang to Lamborghini Perdigón. Many of those cars cannot be found anywhere on the roads in Malaysia. They are really freaking awesome!

Come And Join Me At Pinterest

So, come and join me at Pinterest – register HERE. There are lots of photos that might suit your interest over there. Just select the right categories and off you go. You can comment, pin or like the photos. You can even embed it in your blog without infringing anyone’s copyright. Do check it out. To save your time (boys), I advise you not to check the celebrities section. All you’ll ever see are a collection of photos of hunks showing of their six-packed topless. Erkkk…

Pinterest And Me

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