A Score On GTMetrix Speed Test

GTMetrix Speed Test

Finally, I did it. After several days of tweaking my blog, I have finally managed to score “A” on GTMetrix Speed Test. I got 90% score on page speed grade and 93% on YSlow grade with page load time of 4.73s (without using CDN). On Google’s PageSpeed Insights, dululainsekaranglain.com scores 84% on mobile and 89% on desktop speed test.

Of course, the post page speed still needs improvement but at least I have achieved one of the targets that I set for my blog in 2015.

I hope to do more in the near future.

Why Am I So Concerned About My Blog’s Speed?

I think I have explained in my previous posting (How to create a good blog) that slow performing website/blog will frustrate users, thus sending them elsewhere.

That’s not good right? You want them to come and read and not keep them waiting for your blog to fully load.

Another reason is for SEO.

Google has announced they are using page speed in their ranking algorithm. Ok, it may not be the main factor, but still it is good to adhere to their advice.

How To Speed Up Your Blog?

Basically I had to remove a few things and install thesis framework to make it work. Since I don’t use CDN, I also had to minimize the use of plugins and install WP Super Cache, Use Google Libraries and WP Smush.it plugins to optimize my blog.

Moving to the faster and reliable ServerFreak hosting also help increase the speed of my blog.

Ok, now is your turn to speed up your blog. Anyone wants to take the challenge? How about beating my 90% score on page speed? Anyone?

19 thoughts on “A Score On GTMetrix Speed Test

  1. Wow, terbaik bro. bukan senang nak dapat. aku pula just dapat B & c sj. mung sebab redirection.. hosting dah sama dah. serverfreak, siap pakai cloudfare lg. hehe šŸ™‚

    1. Betul tu redirection antara punca yg boleh lambatkan blog. Saya upload gambar ke server sendiri instead of copy & paste html dari mana-mana program affiliate. Clocking pun kasi kurang juga. Namun, yang selalu buat lambat sangat ialah gambar yang lebih 200k, java script dan request dari plugin. Selain dari itu thema blog pun sebaiknya lepasi CSS dan HTML 5 Validation serta lepasi Browser compatibility.

      Apa-apa pun saya tengok u r blog lebih kepada IM blog. So priority mungkin berbeza dengan saya kot?

    1. Ya, sama-sama kita terus belajar dan tingkatkan ilmu blogging ini. Rasanya amat banyak boleh dipelajari. Seumur hidup pun tak habis khatam sbb ia sentiasa berkembang dengan peredaran masa.

  2. Hi Ismail, Congrats, you did an amazing job on your blog ! I also wanted to analyze it with the solution DareBoost provides, and you got 92 out of 100 ! I let you try it and see the report at dareboost.com. I would be glad to know know what you think of this service compared to Gmetrix that you use. So let me know !

    1. Thanks Maƫva,

      Yes, I did try DareBoost and I must say that it is such a very good tool. Plus, it gave me plenty of good tips on how to improve my blog further. Great!

      1. I’m glad to read that !
        Did you learn anything new that could be applied to your blog?
        I would be more than grateful you take the time to write a little note in which you could explain us your findings about DareBoost and why is it different from well-known tools like GTMetrix for exemple..!
        Could you?

        1. Yes, I did. In fact my GTMetrix has now went up to 96%. I will probably write a post about your service in my blog in the future. Please leave your twitter handle here, so I can tweet your once I published the article. Thank you.

  3. tak pernah test lagi, berdebar pula rasanya. lepas ni nak pergi test. memang tak suka pun kalau buka blog lambat loading, boleh ada tendency orang terus klik pangkah

    1. Banyak org view menerusi telefon pintar zaman ni. Oleh itu, check juga Googleā€™s PageSpeed Insights utk lihat performance di mobile phone. Gunakan tema responsive dan ingat yg guna telefon pintar selalunya lambat kelajuan internet. Maka, kalau tak boleh loading, mereka pun cabut ke tempat lain… My 5 cents.

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