A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense


Is Nuffnang Good e-Nuff ?  Or Does Adsense Makes More Cents? 

I previously put up Nuffnang ads on my blogs for 3 years and after seeing the dismal amount coming in, I then decided to focus entirely on Adsense. Not that I get a lot from Adsense, but at least it helps a lot in paying for hosting & domain fees, not to mention my coffee trips at Starbucks.

However, some of you may notice that I have recently put up Nuffnang ads again on this site. 

There are many reasons why I’m doing it – but the main reason is to experiment and to find out whether Nuffnang really works for ordinary bloggers who are not lifestyle icons.

You see, there is a belief out there that Nuffnang only favours lifestyle blogs such as fashion, beauty, celebrities, etc, and not tech, sports and such other blogs.

Is that true? 

A look at Nuffnang top bloggers may give us some indication.

a look at nuffnang

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

For the uninitiated, let me introduce you to the 2 most popular ad networks in Malaysia (in no particular order):

  • Nuffnang and
  • Adsense.

What is Nuffnang?

According to Nuffnang’s FB page:

Nuffnang is the world’s leading Blog Advertising Community. Besides serving ads on over 1,000,000 blogs, we also host all kind of cool events to bring bloggers together!

And in their website:

We are dedicated to building strong relationships between the bloggers in our community and brands seeking relevant publishers with strong followings to engage with.

Actually, Nuffnang is an advertising network covering South East Asia and Australia that pays bloggers for getting clicks (generating visitors’ interest) on Nuffnang ads placed on their blogs.  To get paid, a blogger must have a Nuffnang account.

Opening an account with Nuffnang is easy-peasy.

If you have a blog with at least 20 unique views daily, then all you need to do is sign up or create an account on Nuffnang and place their ads on your blog.

The ads are targeted for audience in the blogger’s country.

What is Adsense?

A look at its site states that:

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

Google adsense

To open a Google Adsense account, a blog must have at least been around for 6 months, with about 20 quality-content posts, does not look ‘commercial’ and must comply with other Google’s policies, among other things.

Which Ad Network Would Suit A Particular Blog?

So, how to determine which ad network would suit a particular blog?  There is an article written in TechieDan  on how to assess whether Nuffnang is suitable for a blog and also in My Blog which discusses on whether a particular blog should use Adsense or Nuffnang.

I summarise their information as follows:



  • main visitors are from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines & Australia
  • use blog rotation/blog roll
  • age and Page Rank do not matter
  • primary language used can be BM or other languages


  • global visitors
  • has a few thousand unique page views daily
  • blog must be at least 6 months old, higher the Page Rank gets higher CPC
  • primary language used is English (or other languages that Adsense supports)

What Ad Network Should I Use?

This blog seems to suit both ad networks.  So, that’s why I decided to give Nuffnang a try, again.

After 4 days of displaying Nuffnang ads, I observe that:

  1. The Churp-Churp birdie appears more than any other ads which can be quite boring (although the birdie is really cute and I made more from Churp-Churp than Nuffnang), a waste of ad space, and really doesn’t add to the content;
  2. Nuffnang ad doesn’t appear on certain platforms such as mobile devices which means lost of advertising opportunities;
  3. Nuffnang ads are limited, I noticed only 2 types of ads so far (not much different from the scenario years ago), therefore:
  • Less clicks because visitors won’t click at the same ads since they already know what the ads are about
  • Less click, means less pay – revenue trickles like dew in the desert, sparse and almost impossible to see

And because of that observation, I pose this question :

Is Nuffnang good enough? 

Can a blogger really get decent payments from Nuffnang?

head scratch

Nuffnang Gliterrati

Most Nuffnang bloggers only get paid for the clicks, except if they’re a Nuffnang Gliterrati, in which case they get extras.  Gliterratis are eligible for CPUV ads that get them paid by unique visitors – clicks are unnecessary.

That means, the more unique visitors on their site, the more income they’ll get.

My question is:

what is Nuffnang’s definition of unique visitor and their measurement period?  For example, if Guest Y visits a Nuffnang blogger site 5 times in 1 week, does that count as 5 unique visitors or just 1?  I can’t seem to find that answer.

Nuffnang Bloggers

I read about a few bloggers who gets to cash out their Nuffnang income but still dropped Nuffnang ads later such as Aminin Dot My. According to him, he has asked Nuffnang Support team about getting clicks from friends and also clicking on friends’ sites – and they said it is okay.

There’s no issue of fraudulent clicks here.

If you do that on Adsense, your account and your site would immediately be closed!


After some digging around, I also read other bloggers’ stories.  For instance, Kairyuzai commented at KeithRozario.com:

Four years with them and earned RM4.50 for my click campaign and RM20 for sponsorship post L Coming 5 years… RM24.50 still cant be cashed out

Blissful Life, an ex-Nuffnang Gliterrati who has been with nuffnang for 4 years but never get enough to cash out has this to say:

But I guess time have changed and I can’t believe Nuffnang is as suck as ever. Churpchurp churpchurp and freaking churpchurp. Do you even pay me to advertise that freaking thing?? There is no campaign named Churpchurp on my Nuffnang account dashboard. And I know that Churpchurp is a part of Nuffnang.

Does those bleak review deter me from trying out Nuffnang again, especially when I was also an ex-Gliterrati for a very short while, earning a very measly sum?

No, I’m really hoping that Nuffnang will prove me wrong here because I really do like what they do – connecting bloggers with brands.

But how to make it worth my while and not a waste of my ad space?

Nuffnang Top Bloggers

If we look at Nuffnang’s list of top bloggers on the homepage (as at the time of this post), we’ll see that only Beautiful Nara and Fourfeetnine display Nuffnang ads on their site.

The other three, I’m guessing, get direct sponsorship from brands through Nuffnang – why else would Nuffnang consider them as ‘Our Top Bloggers’ ?

So folks, I’m sure there are ways to get more opportunities from Nuffnang, but you gotta earn it and have luck on your side!

Nuffnang Top Bloggers

As I mentioned before, to earn more from Nuffnang, one has to be a Nuffnang Gliterrati. 

How to become a Nuffnang Gliterrati?

To be a Gliterrati, a Nuffnang blogger must have NO advertisements from, mentions of, or links to other ad networks originating from South East Asia, or any ad networks that Nuffnang deem as competitors on his/her blog.

AdSense Is A Competitor To Nuffnang?

  • So, is Adsense considered a ‘competitor’?
  • Does having Adsense on your blog means you’re not eligible to become a Gliterrati?

If you have the answer or would like to share your experience with Nuffnang or Adsense, I hope you’ll share in the comment box below, and if you’d like to know my thoughts on this, stay tune to my next posting on this subject.

Have a pleasant day everyone!

A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense

31 thoughts on “A Simple Case Study of Ad Networks : Nuffnang vs Adsense

  1. Hey! En. Ismail, first I would like to thanks to you, as you inspired me to have a self-hosted website on wordpress now!

    This is really a good article, I am trying different kinds of ads now, though the site is still new 😀

    Btw, have you tried lazada.com ?

  2. Helmi Aliarit

    Buat masa ni tak letak kedua-dua iklan ni di blog personal. Cuma letak adsense di blog niche kerjaya.

    Nuffnang ni boringlah…

    1. Tak cuba AdSense. Kalau tak silap blog BM dah boleh apply juga Google Adsense. Saya pun ada letak di blog BM saya juga. Cuma CPC nya rendah lah berbanding blog BI. Tapi ok lah sebab ianya passive income kan.

  3. Saya baru saja mendaftar ke google adsense memandangkan kini mereka dah menyokong bahasa Malaysia. Sayangnya saya dapati, iklan tersebut tak keluar dan status nuffnang Glitterati juga sudah tidak member.

    Adakah ini bukti kita kini tidak dibenarkan untuk menggunakan kedua2nya pada page kita?

    1. Saya tak pasti tentang Nuffnang sbb saya tak gunakannya lagi. CPCnya agak rendah dan bazirkan ‘space‘ di blog saya.
      Kalau ikut penulis blog BI, ramai yang Adsense belum keluar lagi. Namun, di blog saya yang BM ia keluar. Mungkin sebab akaun saya dah lama.

  4. I’ve been so upset with nuffnang lately… so I tried Adsense…
    have to wait for a month to see the progress.. I guess..
    I think nuffnang favours lifestyle blog compared to others..

    and Nuffnang doesn’t count Adsense as their competitor, so bloggers can put both ads on their blog.

    1. The great thing about AdSense is we can work on the CPC by using the right tools and applying the best tip.
      However, I don’t think a month will sufficient to build a good Adsense blog with high CPC and CTR.

  5. Hi, saya cuma ingin bertanya kenapa ada adsense yg x kluar pada sesetengah page setelah page tuh traffic tinggi dtg dr pengguna mobile/smartphone..bila bukak guna pc ads x show dh..ade solution x..lau ada harap dpt email kt sy cara nya..thanks a lot..

    1. Adakalanya ia disebabkan keyword yang anda compete itu terlalu banyak pesaingannya. Lihat juga berapa banyak pengiklan di Malaysia utk sesuatu keyword itu kerana skrg ni Google ada lihat juga faktor geografi. Boleh uji dengan dengan memasukkan keyword di enjin carian Google Malaysia dan lihat brp banyak iklan AdWord yg keluar. Dalam pada masa yang sama bila kita check sesuatu page termasuk page kita, Google ambil kira juga cache kita. Maka, apa yang kita lihat tidak semestinya sama dengan apa yang org lain elak.

      Untuk elakkan ruang kosong bila tiada iklan yang sesuai dari Google, gunakan custom setting dan masukkan URL gambar imej gantian yang sesuai.

  6. hampir semua income nuffnang aku base on click. Tak banyak sangat income dari cpm diorang.

    Yang aku suka nuffnang, depa bayar. Setakat ini, takde lagi yang tak bayar.

    Yang jadi masalah..bila ramai orang sangap sangat nak dapatkan advertorial post dari nuffnang. Itu susah. Bukan sebarangan orang leh dapat. Blog mesti ada ciri-ciri yang nuffnang nak. Baru leh dapat.

    Dan of course..kena ada “persahabatan baik” dengan nuffnang. Barulah senang wat duit banyak dengan nuffnang.

    Sekarang, aku cuma letak kat 1 blog aje.

    Blog lain, aku guna syarikat lain.


    Aku masih boleh kata, nuffnang antara syarikat pengiklanan malaysia yang masih membayar blogger walaupun dah macam susah sikit berbanding dulu nak dapat cashout setiap bulan.

  7. Thanks for the link up to TechieDan.
    Anyway been using Nuffnang since they brought it up. If your traffic is good, I think it will be decent to even get around RM50 per month, those days I used to be able to get but after many years of lesser updates, the traffic dropped and lesser CPV ads already.

    You can use both Adsense and Nuffnang ads and it would not affect your gliterrati status. As for me, unable to use adsense as already been banned by them.

    1. Thanks for the advice Daniel. Perhaps I lost my gliterrati status for other reason than AdSense. Will do some digging after this 😀
      Btw, sorry to hear about your AdSense account. Would you mind sharing to us the reason why?

    2. Hi, I started using Adsense since they already support Bahasa, but when i put the code, i found out, my Gliterrati status gone. So I think they do care about to put it up together.

  8. saya nak nampak iklan nuffnang kat blog kena online di tempat lain selain opis..kat opis memang tak nampak iklan ni.

  9. Impressive work on digging the info and feedback from ex-Nuffnangers. As for me, tried apply AdSense, but rejected because Bahasa didn’t supported by them.
    3 years with Nuffnang, manage to get RM449. Still okay laa.. 😀 Can pay for domain and hosting.

    1. 3 years RM449 is not bad. Not bad at all. As for AdSense, it’s never easy to apply for AdSense’s account even if for an English blog. Too many rules to comply.

  10. Currently , only focus to increase UV to my blog. No adsense or nuffnang at my blog.

    Dan kenapa , nama domain bahasa malaysia , tp artikel bahasa inggeris ? 🙂 haha

    1. “kenapa , nama domain bahasa malaysia , tp artikel bahasa inggeris”??
      Soalan terbaik… saya tak mampu nak jawap 😀 😉

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