To Those Who Are About To Blog – We Salute You!


So, how many websites are there on the internet?” asked my wife.

A few minutes ago, she was impressed to learn about my blog Alexa Ranking which is at 166,000 yesterday (7.12.2012) compared to her blog which is at 1,700,000 😀.

I knew I had read about the topic not long ago but I just can’t remember how many. So, I just gave whatever numbers that came to my mind and she became impressed even more – this time with her blog since she can’t believe that there are so many blog/websites on the internet.


Hence, to be number 1,700,000 is not too bad, especially when she only updates her blog once in a while and hardly does anything to promote it. 

Even her Facebook page was set up by me and she still hasn’t got any Twitter account yet. Of course, she’s hoping for her dear hubby to do it for her as well. 😉

Active Websites

  • I did some googling last night and found that right now there are about 633 million active websites on the Internet.
  • This figure is as according to Netcraft, an Internet Research, Anti-Phishing and PCI Security Services website.
  • Please check out Netcraft’s December 2012 website survey HERE.
  • The survey shows that the company has discovered 633,706,564 active websites, to be precise.

Today, the number of Google-indexed pages is estimated to be closer to 14 billion (January 2012) with thousands of new websites going live every single day.

On top of that, nearly six million domain names were added to the Internet in the fourth quarter of 2011, bringing the total to 225 million domain names worldwide.

It is quite a lot right?

But when we’re talking about the Internet, it may sounds kind of small, especially considering that there are many people who own more than 1 website. Some even has more than 100 sites to maintain.

top server

internet grows

With so many websites/blogs already on the internet, the competition for good placing on the search engine ranking is obviously becoming tougher. Many have reverted to Social Medias, paid advertisements and other methods available as traffic source as SEO has become harder and more expensive each day.

To make things even more difficult, abandoned blogs and websites cluttering up the Internet will come up higher in search engine returns than fresh sites with poor SEO.

internet users

But if you decide that it is about time for you to join the so-called ‘new-medias’ and express your thoughts in a blog or website, we welcome you.  I hope you will do better than most of us and take inspiration from many success stories such by Ana White of Ana White Homemaker.

Do read “Top 8 Tips For Building A Great Website” and other blogging tips from us and whatever you will achieve in the future, we salute you for joining the blogging community.

Happy Blogging!

To Those Who Are About To Blog, We Salute You!

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